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Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses Security Vulnerabilities in Churches

Most Americans revere church buildings as sacred space. They go there to worship, connect with fellow believers, and serve others in their church and community. Those with no religious affiliation usually respect the rights of their friends and neighbors to follow their own spiritual path.

Sadly, there are also people who don’t respect churches any more than they do other types of buildings. A church is often an easy target for those with a criminal mindset. As Atlanta’s best security guard company, we have seen churches in our community suffer the effects of vandalism, arson, theft, and trespassing.

Why Churches Are Vulnerable

An unsecured house of worship is an ideal target for thieves for the following reasons:

  • The doors are typically unlocked for several hours each day, allowing people to come and go as they please.
  • Churches have valuable things that thieves want, such as musical instruments and money from the collection plate.
  • There are hundreds of cars in the parking lot left unattended for an hour or more every Sunday.
  • Construction crews may not design church buildings with security in mind, particularly those built several decades ago.
  • The very nature of a house of worship leaves staff, members, and visitors more trusting than they would be with the people outside of the church.

Consider the Benefits of Security for Your Church

You don’t have to have security guards at every entrance to keep your church and congregation safe. We understand that would be a major distraction. However, there are several recommendations we at BOS Security can make to ensure safety for everyone. We can drive through your parking lot at regular intervals, staff your church with security guards not in uniform, and install security cameras at each point of entrance.

The above are just some suggestions we may make to your church leadership. Because we understand every church has unique security needs, we urge you to contact us to learn more about our services


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