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How a Security Officer Can Help Prevent School Vandalism

Whether you are in charge of security at an elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, you understand how quickly vandalism can destroy the building and its educational mission. Unfortunately, the majority of vandals are students who attend the school and their friends. When you combine youthful impulsivity with anger or the need to look cool in front of friends, the result can be a huge mess. Older students may have taken the time to study the school’s security and understand its weaknesses. In many cases, the mere presence of a security officer can deter vandals, especially after school has let out for the day.

Professional Security Equipment Needed to Fight Vandalism

Because a security officer can’t be two places at once, it’s important to install a closed circuit television camera to catch vandals in the act. At BOS Security, we provide the security personnel as well as recommendations on security equipment. We can also install the equipment for your school.

Since our security officers constantly monitor the camera, they can identify vandalism suspects and report them to your school principal. The best way to prevent an act of vandalism in the future is to identify students publicly who are caught defacing the building and require them or their families to pay for the damages. A trained security staff and well-placed cameras can also prevent other issues at your school, such as fights between students or violence from an intruder.

Talk to Us About Your School Security Needs

BOS Security cares about Atlanta’s schoolchildren and wants to keep them safe. We also want to provide them with an attractive learning environment that is free of vandalism. As a member of the school security staff, we know that is also what you want. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you address your school’s current security vulnerabilities.



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