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3 Advantages of Armed Security Guards

The private security sector has seen steady growth for over a decade, providing both physical safety as well as peace of mind to its clients. However, while there is a wide variety of companies businesses and individuals can turn to for their security needs, there is one question that will always have to be answered. Should you hire an armed guard, or an unarmed guard?

3 Advantages of Armed Security Guards

#1: Armed Guards Have More Training

Armed security guards receive the same training unarmed guards do, and then they have additional training on top of that for the use of their weapons. They’re tested by their employer, and they have to pass any and all standards set forth by the state in which they’re allowed to work.

#2: Armed Guards Receive Deeper Background Checks

While all security guards receive pre-employment background checks, armed guards need to apply for a permit to carry a weapon. That means they go through both the company’s background check, as well as fingerprinting and investigation from the FBI to make sure they meet all the legal requirements in order to be issued a license to carry a weapon.

#3: Armed Guards Are An Effective Deterrent

A physical security presence acts as a deterrent to criminals, however, an armed guard is seen as a bigger risk from a criminal’s perspective. This means that fewer crimes of opportunity are likely to happen, and criminals who are looking for an easy mark will move onto a different target.

While there are other advantages that armed guards bring to the table, these are three of the most common reasons clients will opt for armed security over unarmed security. If you’d like more information on what armed security guards could do for your business, then simply contact us today!


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