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The modern day Security Officer: Why being a “security guard” doesn’t cut it

Many people may not know a difference even exists between a security guard and a Security Officer, however, each title has its own connotations. When you think “security guard”, you might conjure the image of a mall cop lazing around, or perhaps a distracted attendant at the gate of a residential neighborhood. However, these days, security workers do much more than simply watch a screen of cameras or lazily observe a crowd at the mall.

So why should you think twice before dismissing someone as “just a security guard”? Why is the term “Security Officer” a much better descriptor for this position? Well, Security Officers put their lives on the line for others; this is a position that commands respect. Security Officers are the ones who patrol dangerous buildings and environments to ensure not just the safety of the of the immediate personnel, but the public in general.

Security Officers might not always have weapons, but this demands even more respect. Not being able to take control of a situation by simply brandishing a weapon means that officers have to think logically, act wisely, and defuse very dangerous situations using only their education and training. This is not just a position for anyone, but a select few.

And for all the Security Officers out there – to be treated with respect, you must earn it. The best Security Officers are professional, respectful, trustworthy, attentive to detail, and constantly seeking to improve themselves. The best security is maintained by the most determined officers. If you are interested in hiring the best in the security business, contact us.


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