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Securing Small And Medium Sized Businesses – Where to start?

Securing Small And Medium Sized Businesses

It’s only natural and prudent to worry about securing your small or medium sized business. A lot of business owners don’t know where to start, however. BOS Security can help with a free, no-obligation, assessment  of your business security needs. A few key things to decide for your company are whether you want an armed or unarmed Security Officer, how many officers are required, and what time of day the Security Officer is on duty.

There are many factors that go into any security assessment – location, area lighting, landscape, existing security measures, fences, etc. — and you, the business owner, are probably already aware of some challenges your particular business faces. One important decision to make is whether your business requires an armed or unarmed Security Officer. An armed Security Officer is always a more effective deterrent and reaction force to any threat. If your business is an isolated unit in an area with high crime and little foot traffic, armed personnel are likely the better option. However, depending on your company policy, or the type of business, you may want an unarmed guard. If you own a retail business and mostly want a Security Officer for daytime hours to prevent shoplifting, put customers and staff at ease, and provide a safe and professional retail experience, an unarmed guard might likely suffice. Even when unarmed, Security Officers from BOS Security are highly trained professionals capable of responding to security threats, health emergencies, and more.

The number of security personnel required is also an important question to consider, and BOS Security can make specialized recommendations for any property after assessment. Maybe your business is spread over many properties that neighbor each other, such as warehouses, automotive lots, etc. In this case, BOS will likely recommend more than one Security Officer as that amount of space would restrict the effectiveness of one officer. If, however, your business was a single retail or other small location, a single highly trained officer from BOS Security would be able to accomplish all security related tasks.

BOS Security Officers are experts in “Class A” office security, and are also extremely effective in smaller business settings too. One question that small business owners might need to address is “when” to employ an officer on their property. A full assessment and consultation with BOS Security would be necessary to determine exactly what the needs of a given business are. However, common sense and knowledge of their business can also help business owners find out what they need. Retail locations rarely employ full-time security on the property after closing hours. Guards for retail locations are mostly needed to provide a sense of security for shoppers and staff, a fast response to medical or other emergencies, and thwart daytime theft. Although, in retail, around-the-clock surveillance is often an important asset in protection, insurance claims, and prosecution. BOS Security can help provide this important service. Business other than retail, however, like storage, warehousing and shipping, and businesses that operate overnight, are places where surveillance is not enough, and armed Security Officers are very often needed overnight.

As a small or medium sized business owner, nothing is more important to your business than minimizing the risk of events like theft, medical emergencies, and even more serious situations. Knowing that you’ve left security, day or night, in the hands of the extremely qualified professionals at BOS Security allows you and your business to focus on moving ahead, unhindered by worry. As first responders, BOS Security Officers are second to none. Every BOS Security Officer is trained with full CPR-AED and First Aid, as well as basic fire safety and fire-fighting skills. With a skillful security expert at your business’ aid, you can be confident you’ve assured as best you can against any risk.

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