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When To Consider Using Armed Security Guards

Armed Security Guards

Choosing to use armed security guards isn’t a decision to take lightly. You’re enabling your security to use deadly force should the worst happen.

In many cases, unarmed guards are sufficient. However, there are times when it’s necessary to have armed guards.

It’s always important to pick the right type of guard to best protect your business, employees and customers.

High Crime Areas

One of the most common indicators that you may need armed security guards is if your business is located in a high crime area. Overall, crime rose by 4.1% in 2016 and the biggest increases were in what the FBI considers the 25 most dangerous cities in the United States.

In areas where crime is worse, your business has a bigger chance of violent crime. From major thefts to attacks on employees, armed guards help to prevent most crime on your property. Seeing that the guards are armed makes criminals think twice before trying anything.

Employees Don’t Feel Safe

If you already have unarmed guards at your business, but your employees don’t feel safe, it may be time to upgrade your security. If employees are still experiencing frequent security issues, a stronger deterrent is necessary. Using armed security guards helps employees feel safer.

Of course, it’s also important to discuss any major security changes like these with your employees. Some may not be comfortable having armed guards around. Explaining the reasons helps them to feel better about the change.

Other Businesses Use Armed Security

Talk with other businesses in your area. Do they use armed security guards? If so, ask them why. Odds are, if other businesses in the same area feel the need for armed security, your business should consider it too.

Another reason is you don’t want to be the only business without armed guards. This sets your business up as a target for criminals since it’s easier to deal with the guards. Even the best unarmed guards are no match for a group of fully armed criminals.

Types Of Data Stored

If your business stores highly sensitive data, you’re a target for criminals. While armed guards aren’t going to protect your data from cyber-criminals, they do help protect any unauthorized personnel from entering. This helps prevent data from being stolen and deters hackers from getting close enough to try and hack the network.

Major business, such as Google, used armed guards at their data centers to protect user data. Remember, data breaches can ruin businesses.

Types Of Products Stored

The types of products you store or develop can be just as much of a target as your data. For instance, businesses that manufacture weapons are often targets. This is also why most use armed security guards.

Think about the types of products your businesses has on premises. How much do criminals want to risk to get them? If they’re willing to risk their lives and the lives of others, you need armed guards.

If your business has been the target of multiple major thefts over the past year, this could be a sign that your products need armed security for protection.

Upcoming Events

Your business might not need armed security guards all the time. However, if your area is hosting any large events that may bring in thousands of extra people, adding armed guards might be necessary.

Sadly, major events typically lead to a surge of crime in an area. If you’re afraid of your business becoming a casualty, having armed guards for the duration of the event could give you peace of mind.

If you’re not sure armed guards are really necessary, you may still want to consider adding a few more unarmed guards to help boost security around your business.

Threats To Your Business

Has your business had to deal with any major threats or security problems recently? For instance, is a disgruntled ex-employee making threats to harm other employees? It’s important to take past incidents and any threats seriously.

If you have any concerns about security issues escalating or threats being acted on, adding a few armed security guards may be necessary. It’s better to be safe than see the worst situation play out at your business.

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