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2 Things You Can Do To Reduce Theft And Vandalism

Prevent Vandalism

Theft and vandalism are two of the most common threats to businesses. This is especially true after business hours.

Luckily, businesses don’t have to just sit back and let it happen. It’s much more cost effective to prevent the problems than clean up afterward.

The right security makes all the difference. After all, thieves and vandals are less likely to target businesses that make it easy for them to be caught.

Hire Security Guards

Having security guards on your premises 24/7 is one of the best ways to prevent theft and vandalism. After all, many problems occur after a business closes, when it’s easier to get in and out without being caught. Even with a security alarm in place, it could take 10 minutes or more for police to arrive.

On-site guards walk the premises, check inside the business, keep an eye on anyone walking or driving by and serve as an overall deterrent. They also help reduce theft from a source you might not have thought of – your employees.

While retailers lose $60 billion a year to thefts, employee theft actually makes up a large portion of that. In fact, employee thefts in the United States are higher than any other country. Security guards might not be able to catch data thieves and embezzlers, but they can check employees and prevent them from stealing physical items from your business.

On-site guards are also a way to help employees feel safer as they walk to their cars. Thieves may not be targeting your business, but they may be targeting your employees and their cars.

Utilize Remote Guarding

Security guards are just the first step. You should also implement remote guarding. This turns standard surveillance cameras into the ultimate security system.

First of all, if you have an alarm system in place, which you should, remote guarding cuts back on false alarms. When an alarm goes off, the remote guard(s) can quickly check to see if it’s legitimate or false. This drastically reduces the number of unnecessary calls to local emergency personnel.

It’s also a budget-friendly way to monitor your business after hours. Instead of having security guards walking around when your business is closed, remote guarding allows someone to watch over your premises and contact local law enforcement should they see anything suspicious.

Obviously, having both on-site guards and remote guards gives you the best overall protection. If your cameras have an audio system, remote guards can also talk to potential thieves and vandals and warn them of the consequences. Just hearing that someone is watching is enough to deter most criminals.

Bonus: Secure The Premises

Guards are great, but you should still take steps to further secure your premises. For instance, are there exterior doors that no one uses? If so, lock them down or at least turn them into fire exits.

If vandalism is a major problem in your area, consider putting up fencing that makes it more difficult for vandals to get in. This also makes it easier for guards to monitor and patrol the area.

You may want to also consider doors that only open for employees with the correct key card. This prevents thefts by keeping customers out of employee-only areas and ensures employees only access the areas they’re supposed to.

Finally, keep everything well lit. Remote guards can’t see if anything’s happening if it’s too dark. Install lights around the premises, parking area and in dark hallways in your business. The better the lighting, the easier it is to prevent theft and vandalism. Plus, thieves and vandals don’t like well lit areas either.

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