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Remote Guarding – Your New Big Brother

Remote Guarding

The great thing about a big brother is he watches your back, even if you don’t always get along perfectly.

With remote guarding, you get the benefits of a big brother without all the pesky family fighting. Even though you don’t seem them, your remote guards are watching your back.

If you need better security or a more affordable solution, remote guarding could be the best thing to ever happen to your business or gated community.

Constant Watchful Eye

It’s impossible for your on-site security team to watch every area at once. You probably already have surveillance cameras, but who watches them? Remote guarding works as a big brother to watch over your business at all times.

As long as there’s a camera in place, a remote guard watches the footage from multiple cameras in real-time. They even serve as big brothers to your on-site security team. After all, an additional watchful eye is always appreciated.

Advise Of Security Risks

While remote guards let you know when they see a potential issue or a security threat in action, their watchful gaze also notices other security risks. For instance, they might notice that a door that requires a key card for entry isn’t shutting completely each time.

Your new big brother always has your back. These guards don’t just look for current threats. They’re proactive to help prevent crime long before it has a chance to start.

Provide Peace Of Mind

Many crimes at businesses go unreported because it’s time-consuming to contact law enforcement, handle suspects and work towards a prosecution. Plus, some businesses fear the possibility of any negative consequences.

This leaves businesses feeling discouraged and worried. Let a big brother help you out. By having someone remotely guarding your business, many crimes are prevented. Simply having a sign that informs people that your premises are being remotely monitored is enough to discourage some thefts.

Not only do you have more peace of mind, but so do your employees. Customers seeing your signs also feel more confident and safe when coming to your business. It might seem simple, but a remote guard does make a major difference in how much you worry about crime at your location.

Take On The Bad Guys

You might think remote guarding isn’t all that effective since the guards aren’t right there. This doesn’t mean they can’t take on the bad guys. Just like a big brother rushes to aid his little brother when trouble happens, so does your remote guard.

Depending on your setup, a remote guard could advise a potential criminal that they are being watched. This is sometimes enough to make the person run away.

If you have on-site security too, your remote guard lets them know exactly what’s going on so they can handle the situation quickly. It’s a great way for everyone to work as a team and protect your business more thoroughly.

Of course, this also works if you have internal problems. For instance, if you notice things keep going missing in the office, your remote guard will keep an eye out and let you know which employee(s) are the issue. Then, you’re able to deal with them accordingly.

Call For Help When Needed

If a criminal doesn’t run or the guard doesn’t have the ability to speak to them, they still have your back. Instead of waiting until the crime has happened, they call local law enforcement immediately.

The good thing is they’re able to keep police updated on what the suspect is doing, where they are in the building and the best way to catch them. This means more threats are neutralized and prosecuted. When criminals realize your business is serious about security, they’re more likely to leave you alone.

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