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5 Reasons Remote Guarding Should Be Considered

Remote Guarding

If you’re not already using remote guarding, it’s the perfect time to add it as a security solution.

Remote guarding involves having someone monitoring your security cameras remotely. These guards are able to alert authorities or your business if they see something suspicious.

Even if you’re using other security methods, having this extra layer does make a difference. After all, keeping your business or community safer is always the top priority.

1. Reduce Costs

A single guard is able to monitor multiple security cameras at once. If budget is a problem when it comes to security, remote guarding offers a budget-friendly way to keep your premises more secure.

After the initial investment of high-quality surveillance cameras, all you need is to pay for the remote guarding service. This reduces the number of on-site security guards and pays for itself quickly. Some businesses may choose to go with remote guarding completely over on-site guarding for budget reasons.


2. Compliment Other Security

Remote guarding isn’t a replacement for other security solutions. For instance, if you already use on-site security guards, remote guarding is still beneficial. Your guards can’t see everywhere at once. Remote guards are able to monitor the cameras to keep an eye on a wider area.

They’re then able to contact the on-site security guards to notify them of any problems. You can still have electronic doors, key cards and other security measures. This is just another layer to keep everyone safer.

3. Reduce Potential Threats

While surveillance cameras deter many threats, many businesses use dummy cameras or don’t have anyone monitoring them. This means it’s easy for thieves, vandals and other threats to quickly do their damage and leave without being caught.

Even if they’re caught on camera, it’s after the fact. You drastically reduce your chances of catching the criminal. With remote guarding, you’re notified in real-time of any potential threats. Local authorities can be at your door before the suspect is able to leave.

Having a sign up that remote guarding is in progress also helps to deter many threats. Just knowing someone is actively watching stops many impulsive criminals. Every incident you prevent keeps your business safer and even helps its reputation as a safe place to shop and work.


4. Fewer Safety Risks

In 2009, 63 security guards were killed in the line of duty. In working to keep others safe, security guards face numerous dangers every year. Remote guarding cuts down on the number of on-site guards and also gives them an extra set of eyes to watch their backs.

Think of remote guarding as a partner to your security guards. The cameras give on-site guards advance notice of potential problems. Instead of just stumbling upon an issue, they’re prepared and less likely to be injured.

At the same time, remote guarding gives on-site guards time to get employees or residents to safety. This reduces the risk of anyone being accidentally hurt should a situation escalate before authorities arrive.

5. Provide Perfect Memory

Security guards are trained to remember small details, but in the excitement, sometimes details slip even the best memories. Plus, if an incident goes to court, it’ll be a case of one word against another.

With remote guarding, security guards don’t have to remember every minute detail. While they should remember as much as possible, security cameras also catch every single detail. Not only do you have the guard’s word, you have the camera footage to back it up.

This helps to put more criminals away, which keeps everyone much safer. This is why it’s important to invest in high-quality cameras with clear, crisp footage. Otherwise, it’s difficult to see what happened and impossible for remote guards to fully see potential threats.


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