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3 Key Reasons Why Remote Guarding Is Rising In Popularity

Not every security situation requires having officers on the ground, there’s a rise in popularity of security services offering a security solution that involves either completely remote monitoring or a mixture of both on site and remote monitoring.

Cost Effective Solution

One crucial benefit to having remote guarding in place for some facilities is the cost effectiveness of the operation over having security officers on the ground. Depending on the type of operation you may require none, or some security officers to be on-site however.

security needs assessment will provide your business with information about the type of security you need and whether remote guarding is going to be part of the solution for you.

If remote security does become part of your security needs, you may find it providing benefits in the following areas of liability.

  • Prevention and deterrent to theft and vandalism
  • Area monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and deterrent
  • Tracking of objects, people and vehicles

These are just a few of the operational benefits you stand to gain from your remote guarding operations.

24-Hour Surveillance

Keeping a security eye on areas around the clock is another benefit, you don’t need to have a person in every corner of your facility 24-7. With remote guarding in place BOS Security officers can keep an eye over areas of the facility that don’t require manpower even into the night when the risk of criminal intrusion and theft can increase.

With technology available today many security conscious facilities have access to and implemented analytic software which can evaluate real time video feeds from multiple sources to look for objects and alert a guard to a detection of something or somebody that you don’t want on the premises.

Once alerted to the presence of the object the guard can attend and remedy the situation in a timely manner before it is too late and the object or person makes it into the restricted area.

Coverage Extension

One of the greatest aspects of remote monitoring is just how much area can be covered by one security room with one or two officers in attendance.

Depending of course on the type of facility and your security needs it isn’t cost effective nor does it make practical sense to have a guard on every door and every room, this is where remote guarding systems come into play.

By allowing one or two guards in a monitoring station to keep an eye on larger areas of the facility, they can quickly scan the cameras in operation and some facilities even use an audio system so the guards can communicate to anyone attempting to access a restricted area before you even need to send a guard on foot to respond to the situation.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Remote guarding can be the right solution and the most effective way to provide your security needs. If you want to find out exactly how BOS Security can see to your security needs, click here to head to our security needs assessment page and engage us in an obligation free security needs assessment.

From here we can find out exactly what your security needs are and how we can fulfil them for you. Our security officers are the best in Georgia with many being ex-law enforcement they have the best training available and are truly professional experts in the field of security whether it be remote guarding or on site foot patrols or a combination of both.

Whatever service your facility needs are we have the expertise and the training to get the job done and giving you and your staff the peace of mind they need.



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