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Improve The Crime Rate In Gated Communities With Security Officers

If you’re a property manager in a gated community you must have a good understanding of the expectations from residents of your facility, even if you are not and want to know the benefits of Security Officers in a gated community please read on.

The security doesn’t come just from the gates and the walls but from the security services you offer the residents, this security should come in the form of surveillance, gate monitoring, roving patrols of the area, and security officers proving visitor access control.

Because your residents expect a level of safety and security control not found outside the walls of the community engaging in only the best security services operator is essential.

BOS Security has employed the best ex-law enforcement personnel available and this is reflected upon the level of professionalism they provide to your community.

The demand for gated community protection is growing, in 1970 there were approx. 2000 gated communities in the U.S and around the early 2000’s this number had grown to over 20,000.

This means the demand for gated community protection is strong and the security services offered by regular officer patrols and visitor access control is worth the investment from you and your residents.

Officer Patrols and Visitor Access Control

While the walls and gates are important they only make up a part of the security picture. The risks of crime against residents and their property are high and criminals can be very desperate and unpredictable so having boots on the ground is important because the walls alone won’t keep every criminal out. Can you afford to take these risks?

You need a trained BOS Security officer on the gate to regulate visitor access to prevent threats from within and out. BOS Security officers are trained to the highest standard in Georgia.

BOS Security will perform a security needs assessment with you to determine what the security needs of your community is and work with you to build a long term security arrangement, this is especially important for gated communities as the security needs and expectations of the residents are long term.

Providing The Peace Of Mind

One of the main attractions to a gated community is the sense of security and peace of mind you get from being protected by the walls, gates and importantly the Security Officers. Because a gated community is expected to be the safest possible place to live and raise a family the security has to be the best available and BOS Security is the best there is.

Reduce The Risk

Reduction of risk is critical for your community and your residents, it is what they expect, because BOS Security can keep the grounds of the community safe and secure with patrols and the gate secure with visitor access control we have the ability to provide exactly what existing and potential residents need.

Provide That Competitive Edge

If there’s multiple gated communities in the state consider whether you provide something they don’t, the next level of security. Strive to provide a level of security above and beyond your competitors this will give you that competitive edge and adds to the strength of your business and adds a weakness to your competitors.

Because your residents expect the highest level of privacy you can rest assured that BOS Security is the right team of professional security officers to provide the security and privacy you need.

Want To Know More?

Click here to visit our security needs assessment page to see how we can help you. This is a no obligation assessment. We will work closely with you to assess your needs to see how we can provide the long term security services you require.



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