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Why Security Is Necessary For Your Building

Having security for your business or operation is paramount, protecting against crime and theft is just a part of what a good security service should offer you, consider the risks you are exposed to, example being a small retail business is mostly at risk from petty theft and small crimes, while a large government or office building would attract risks from terrorism and access security.

It is because of these risks to your staff, building, inventory and operations that security is necessary for your building, going into detail there’s many reasons you should consider security and have a security needs assessment done before you engage in any security because you need to get your security service tailored to your needs. Security operations are not a one size fits all situation.

Prevention is a major theme for security, preventing the incidents that cost you your integrity, reputation, inventory, security and let’s not forget in the direst situations it can cost people lives.

Like law enforcement officers a good security officer will be able to effectively prevent criminal activity at your building site and protect your staff and inventory at the same time. Because BOS Security guards are mostly ex law enforcement officers you get security guards with an eye for detail and the ability to spot potential problems before they get to the front door.

Having ex law enforcement security officers at building is the best option for keeping your grounds and gates secure as well as the main entrances, remember that just having a security guard present is often enough to deter many forms of crime.

Customer Service isn’t something you think about when you imagine a security officer but this is in effect what they do provide, your security at the gate/reception will often be the first person a visitor to your building will greet upon arrival, and this officer will be able to record the visit, make them well aware of the security situation on site and give them a sense of ease on your site knowing you have the security needed to protect them and your staff.

Your security officer will be able to escort people to and from their car late at night and extend their service directly to the person and not just the building and the inventory, keep in mind that people are the most important asset to your operation and need to be treated as such by security.

Peace of mind is important for your worker’s productivity, if your staff and visitors are at ease on-site because of the security you provide they will work better and easier. Like in all situations if you keep your staff free from the pressure of outside security and leave that to BOS Security you will see a benefit in productivity from your staff.

You will also enjoy the benefit of having a reputation for providing top tier security to your staff, visitors and contractors and this positively reflects your image to the public.

Theft protection on site is critical, if a client or staff member is a victim of theft on your property word will spread and you will quite quickly be known as a place where crime does occur on site, this is a nightmare for your public relations.

Don’t take any risks in this area and ensure your security is up to scratch, with a combination of video surveillance and the crime solving skills of BOS Security’s ex law enforcement officers if any theft was to occur you can rest assured that your security officer will find the party responsible and hold them to account.

Because of the ex-law enforcement base of many BOS Security Officer’s you gain the added ability of your officers to effectively solve crimes rather than just make a report and send it to the police. BOS Security Officers are the highest trained in Georgia and you can count on them to protect your operations and your reputation.

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