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Create New Value By Using Remote Video Surveillance

It may surprise you to know that that security services industry is growing at around 4-7% per year (2014 figures) which is solid growth by international standards for most business types, especially in the sometimes difficult situation in the economy.

This illustrates well the fact that offices and businesses need the security more than ever, providing a saving in terms of risk liability you have to ask yourself, “Can we afford NOT to have that security?”

The answer is NO! don’t take the risk and leave your staff and facilities open to risks, you should have a security assessment take place and engage in the best security officers available which are highly trained mostly ex-law enforcement officers.

The Big Value Add component is looking into combining your security officer presence with remote video surveillance, one of the great improvements in this area stems from the increase in usage of High Definition video camera technology, ever noticed how your smart phone has had reasonably high quality HD video capability on a hand held device for the last 5 years? But when it comes to looking at video camera footage the quality is so poor you can’t see the detail you need to find out what happened quickly, thus adding to solving time?

With faster networks more common in the city you find it’s quite possible now to remotely view high definition video surveillance giving you an extra set of eyes over a wider area.

This means you get the benefit of security officer on the ground and remote monitoring for faster and easier access whether on site or remote monitoring. It is worth noting that it isn’t the building operators and builders that are pushing the improvements in this area of security but the security firms are the primary force behind increasing the uptake of remote monitoring services combined with the traditional on the ground security officer presence.

Intelligent Systems is fast becoming the best way to provide that security to your building or work site, while many sites already have CCTV of some form in place ask yourself these questions.

  • How old is my CCTV network?
  • What level of quality does it record?
  • Do we actively monitor the video or just record for review?

Important questions for all operation sizes, from small firms to the large warehouses or office buildings, the future of security now is better and higher resolution surveillance monitored in real time by a security officer, the high quality security cameras are not meant to replace the security officer on the ground but enable that security officer to cast a wider net, and see things in real time where they physically aren’t present at that time, this enables a security system that is more proactive and about prevention that about reaction and solving the problem after the fact by viewing pixelated low quality CCTV tapes.

See What Your Security Provider Can Do about assessing your CCTV system and whether there is any way to integrate it further into your security officer presence, if remote monitoring is available (on or off site) you can ideally have security on the floor and in the security room watching the camera feed live and able to direct on the floor guards further as the need might arise.

Consider replacing old and aging CCTV systems with newer technology that provides higher definition camera technology that you can integrate with your security services provider with a better quality video link.

BOS Security is the best place to start, click here to talk to us about a security needs assessment and we can find the solution that is right for you and your business, this is a no obligation assessment so don’t hesitate.

See our qualifications as this is just as important as hi-tech technology you must have high quality officers to go hand in hand with your technology, we look forward to helping you.

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