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Will A Security Guard Prevent More Crime Than Police?

When it comes to dealing with crime most people will turn to the police. If there’s been a robbery, a murder, a car theft, or any of a hundred other crimes the first thing someone will do is call the police. It’s important to remember though that the police are between 2 and 5 minutes away at the most ideal of times; often the police can take 20 minutes or more to respond to a call.

Why wait when you can have a security guard on your premises?

Police Don’t Prevent Crime

By and large police do not prevent crime from happening; police investigate crimes and find the perpetrators so that proper punishment can be meted out. This is an important function, but most people would rather not have crime happen to them in the first place. For those in the Atlanta area, that’s where BOS Security’s guards come into the picture.

The main reason the police don’t prevent crime is that they can’t be everywhere at once. They depend on citizens reporting crimes, which means they often arrive after the fact. Security guards are on premises and it’s their job to keep those premises safe. This means they can help de-escalate problems, actively try to prevent issues like theft and robbery, and provide a visible source of security for customers. Often just noting that a business has security is enough to deter casual criminals, and to make serious ones carefully reconsider choosing a given business as a target.

They’re Here For You

The police are a public service, and it’s their responsibility to try and protect everyone. A security service on the other hand works for you, and that can make a lot of difference. Those in the Atlanta area don’t have to choose one or the other though; BOS Security officers are trained professionals who will work with the police to resolve any issues within the scope of the law.

There are a number of different services these guards provide, from physical presence and prevention to risk evaluation to monitoring electronic security. Guards can be armed or unarmed as clients require as well. For more information about BOS Security and to receive an evaluation for your home or business simply contact us today.


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