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Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses the Use of Force

As Atlanta’s best security guard company, we train our guards to resolve situations that have escalated without using force. However, there are times when a security guard must resort to force to protect our clients, their employees, and their customers. Self-protection is also a valid reason for a guard to use force. At BOS Security, we train our security guards to operate on a six-step continuum of force. The following is a general guideline for armed guards to bring a disturbance under control:

  • Officer presence: In most situations, the mere presence of a BOS Security employee is enough to make people behave in an acceptable manner.
  • Verbal communication: The security officer gives a verbal command to stop a specific behavior. People who were unaware they were breaking a rule generally stop what they were doing, while those who chose to disregard the rules may pose more of a challenge.
  • Control holds and restraints: If a person becomes combative after disregarding the security guard’s presence and verbal warning, he or she may need to use a baton or handcuffs to de-escalate the situation.
  • Chemical agents: The use of a chemical agent such as pepper spray is appropriate when the person completely resists the guard’s efforts to subdue him or her. This may involve punching or kicking the officer, threatening others, or attempting to flee the scene.
  • Temporary incapacitation: This involves the use of a Taser, chokehold, or physical restraint when all other methods have failed.
  • Lethal force: The use of a gun is reserved for extreme situations when the person causing the disturbance is an obvious threat to the guard or other people in the building. Examples include a suspect pointing a gun at someone or threatening to detonate a bomb.

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