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In the Army, we had an often-repeated aphorism:  When everything hits the fan, you always fall back to your level of training, you never rise to the occasion.  BOS Security, Atlanta’s best security guard company, recognizes the fact that modern-day society is a dangerous, uncertain system, where even the good guys can make questionable decisions in difficult situations.  The recent upsurge in publicity surrounding police shootings calls attention to the fact that, without proper training in when to use a firearm as well as how to use it, preventable tragedies are inevitable.  The legal, ethical, and public relations firestorms that follow a questionable decision involving security personnel and firearms are the regrettable aftermath.  Nevertheless, a competent guard force is necessary for some venues.

The question a company should ask itself is whether it is ready, willing, and able to hire, train, and deploy a competent guard force.  Finding the right people for the job is relatively easy, especially with so many veterans with combat deployments under their belts entering the work force with very focused skill sets.  Putting those people where they can do the most good is trickier, but if you find the people, it becomes easier.

The toughest obstacle is training.  Does your company have a qualified staff trainer to certify guards in any of several core competencies, ranging from firearm concealed carry permitting to situation de-escalation?  Does your company have access to training areas and facilities to effectively train an effective guard force?  If so, your company is among a very select few.  If not, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  BOS Security has already thought through and established these qualifications and criteria for their guard staff, and instituted the training programs to ensure those qualifications are current.

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