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Your Seasonal Hiring Plans Should Include Guard Services in Atlanta

Now is the time when retailers are ramping up their sales force in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas holiday. If you own or manage a retail establishment, you may need more than sales associates during this time of year. Guard services in Atlanta could also be needed in order to protect your business and your customers from criminal activity.

It’s long been established that the number of thefts increase dramatically in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some people will commit crimes simply because they feel pressured to give gifts, but do not have the money to purchase them. These people are more likely to shoplift inside your store. Catching these shoplifters can be difficult, since crowded stores provide the ideal opportunity for thieves to go undetected.

Other people look for chances to commit crimes, and may therefore pickpocket shoppers who are carrying a great deal of cash. They may also break into vehicles in the parking lot after noticing customers placing valuable items inside them. This commonly occurs in shopping centers or malls whenever people go from one store to another, and need to secure certain items in between visits.

Having plain-clothes officers inside your store will help you catch shoplifters, while having uniformed personnel outside will help deter would-be criminals from performing vehicle break-ins. You don’t have to add security guards to your payroll, as you can simply outsource your security functions to us instead. Help ensure your customers feel safe so that they’ll be ready to spend a great deal more money in your store this holiday season. Contact us today to discuss your security needs.


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