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How Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Helps Protect People and Assets

Securing a multi-floored office building has unique challenges that Atlanta’s best security guard company understands well. At BOS Security, we know that there are two separate, yet equally important, areas of office security. It is crucial to work with a security company that has the skills and resources to implement both.
Physical Protection
The term physical protection describes the type of security that must be present to keep your employees and visitors to your building safe from assault. Physical protection is also required to protect your business from vandalism and theft.
The first line of defense against threats to physical security is to place one or more security guards in places where people can easily see them. This is often enough for people to think twice about trying to steal from your company or harass one of your workers. An alarm system is helpful for those instances when someone barges past the security guard. It alerts everyone in the building of the potential problem so they can take precautions while our security guard handles the issue.
You may also want to consider installing surveillance video. If trouble comes up, one guard is available to go investigate while the other continues monitoring the video. The mere presence of the camera serves as a deterrent in many cases, but not always.
Protection of Intellectual Property
Unfortunately, threats to your business don’t always come from the outside. Your own employees may try to steal trade secrets or other highly confidential information for their own benefit. By installing security cameras that are continually monitored by security guards, you can avoid the devastating consequences that accompany this type of crime. Another possibility is to install hidden buttons in your office that employees can use to summon security if they suspect something illegal is taking place.
Learn More About Your Security Options
BOS Security provides experienced security guards and works with clients to help them understand their security vulnerabilities. Please contact us to learn more about how we can keep the people and property in your office building safe.

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