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Armed Guard Services in Atlanta: Security With Teeth

Private security is a growing industry. Between alarm systems and closed circuit cameras, security officers and access control there are a huge number of options that individuals and businesses have when it comes to keeping themselves safe. For those looking for guard services in Atlanta though it may be appropriate to consider hiring armed security.

When You Can’t Afford to Take Chances

One of the biggest advantages of security officers is the human element they introduce into the equation. Because one of these officers has the ability to observe and to intervene people are much less likely to act in ways that would violate safety of security. If there’s a police officer on the street corner people are less likely to speed, and if there’s a security officer walking the aisles of a store then people are significantly less likely to try and steal from that store. Thieves who have more serious intentions in mind though, such as armed robbery, may not let standard security officers get in the way of their plans.

Armed guards, on the other hand, are completely different kind of obstacle.

Armed security officers typically have sidearms, and in some cases ballistic vests the same way that police officers would. Unlike the police though armed security officers are there specifically to protect a client. Also unlike the police, armed security officers are rarely more than a shout away in case something happens. In the event that having armed officers on site isn’t enough to act as a deterrent in and of themselves though, they have the capacity and the training to use lethal force to protect themselves and others.

Better to Have And Not Need

The old adage of firearms applies to armed security guards; it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. Clients hope that they never need to have armed security guards, but in the event that something goes horribly awry it’s better to have them on premises to make sure that as few people get hurt as possible.

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