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Make Sure Your Security Guard Company Offers a Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Before you hire a security guard company to protect your business, be certain that it offers a needs assessment. This ensures that your security firm understands your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities. At BOS Security, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to conducting security audits. Our evaluation team consists of private security officers, members of local law enforcement, asset and facilities protection personnel, and staff who are experienced with executive protection. Because each person brings something unique to the security audit, we are able to create a realistic plan to protect your business.

Our Process

We consider the following elements during our initial review of your business:

  • Recent criminal activity in your building and the neighborhood where it is located
  • Ongoing conflicts between building managers, co-workers, employees, neighbors or customers
  • Recently reported communicable diseases or threats of disease
  • Environmental factors
  • Any known or suspected sabotage efforts
  • Possible terrorism
  • The likelihood of a specific event taking place
  • How a specific crime or security threat affects your personnel and your business assets

Once we have a clear picture of your company’s security and possible threats it faces, we formulate an official plan. We consider several factors when creating a personalized plan for your business, including your current budget, insurance coverage, current evacuation procedures in case of an emergency, staffing requirements, and back up plans.

Constant Evaluation

Before we implement your security plan, we make sure that you agree with it. We establish goals and timelines for everything to be in place. Our security audit team also seeks your input regarding how to prioritize each item on the list.

We encourage your feedback and request that you let us know if any part of your security plan is not working as you expected. Every needs assessment written by BOS Security includes periodic assessment and review to ensure your safety and that of your employees and customers.

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