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Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses Contingency Planning

As with most things in life, business security doesn’t always go as planned. You could have a solid plan in place to deal with natural disasters, internal theft, and vandalism only to get blindsided by a hostage situation in your building. It is simply impossible to foresee every possible threat to the security of your building, assets, employees, and clients. That is why working with Atlanta’s best security guard company to form a contingency plan is so important.

Three Main Aspects of a Solid Contingency Plan

The success of your contingency plan depends on the following:

  • Conducting a risk assessment: The most crucial part of this step is identifying all critical business functions and then creating a plan to minimize losses. BOS Security assists you in listing all potential risks your business faces as well as some you may not have considered. We then prioritize the risks based on the degree to which each would cause permanent harm to your business.
  • Developing the plan: Our primary goal in this phase is to consider the resources your business needs to provide a minimum level of service to your clients, customers, and shareholders. Next, we identify what specific actions must happen before putting the contingency plan in place. This process gives us the opportunity to identify and correct inefficient policies and procedures you currently have in place.
  • Maintaining the plan: To get your employees on board with your Plan B procedure, communicate these changes as soon as possible. Set up a training program and practice drills so everyone knows his or her role if the unexpected does occur. Be certain to post the contingency plan prominently and review it at least once a year.

Work with the Security Professionals

Each step outlined above requires detailed planning with a professional security organization. We invite you to contact us at BOS Security to learn more about contingency planning or schedule an appointment to prepare one.


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