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Reasons Why No Machine Can Replace A Security Officer

There are a lot of options for security systems thanks to advances in technology. Tiny wireless cameras that can be viewed from mobile devices are now something every store can afford instead of those with the budget of a Bond villain, and biometric security locks have become quite common. With all of the gadgets it’s tempting to let machines take care of all your security needs, but there are still some things security officers can do that even the most high-tech security systems can’t. Things like…

Provide Customer Service

No matter how good your theft detection service is it can’t greet customers by name and ask how their spouse is doing. Your computer can’t make people feel welcome, and no matter how capable your alarms are they just won’t make people feel as safe and secure as knowing that a real person is making the decisions.

Making Judgment Calls

Speaking of decision-making security guards will always be able to evaluate a situation more fully than a machine. Computers are able to follow orders to achieve results, but security guards are able to exercise judgment in ways that computer programs simply can’t. This often leads to the prevention of a serious situation, and security guards can de-escalate a situation and solve problems before it gets out of hand.

They Don’t Glitch

The most sophisticated security system and top of the line cameras won’t do a home or business any good if they get infected with a virus. If there’s a power outage or other problem then the security system is going to be just another set of dead equipment. Security guards on the other hand can react to any and all situations. They can’t be hacked or avoided with clever computer programs and they work in all kinds of weather. In fact emergency situations might be the best time to have them around because that’s when other options simply won’t get the job done the way you need.

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