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Maximize Your Car Dealership’s Security with a Security Guard Company and More

To have a successful car dealership, you cannot be worried about the premise’s security. It is important to handle any security-related concerns immediately as all it takes is a lack of proper security for an individual to decide to vandalize a vehicle, or even worse, attempt to steal one.

Getting help from a security guard company can provide some great security-related results, but it is also ideal to invest in your own security measures to prevent theft or property damage.

Maintain or Adjust the Landscaping

Depending on the landscape of your car dealership, you may actually be promoting theft. For instance, when you have overgrown trees and shrubs, you are creating areas for people to hide, and even though these hiding areas are not going to do the crimes, they give criminals the confidence to commit crimes.

Maintaining the landscape with routine pruning or making adjustments with removing trees that simply create too much of a security risk are decisions that will improve the overall security of your dealership.

Provide Enough Overall Lighting

Proper landscaping deters crime, just as proper lighting does too. One of the most important qualities that you can have in regard to lighting on your car dealership property is plenty of bright lighting.

The more lighting you have, the less confident a criminal will feel, thus reducing overall crime.

Position Vehicles Strategically

It is essential not to place your most valuable vehicles on the corners of the lot as this is where you are least likely to have employees and watchful eyes. A proper way to display these cars is placed in between more affordable vehicles or on display in the dealership building. Also, you can maximize security for all of the vehicles by blocking all exits with vehicles for sale, which can be easily moved when you make a sale or a potential customer wants to take a car out for a test drive.

Have On-Duty Security

Hiring a security guard is a great way to deter crime and catch it in the act. It is also beneficial because it takes responsibility off of your employees, thus allowing them to really focus on providing potential customers with an ideal experience to increase the chances of making a sale.

If you are interested in getting a security guard for your dealership, contact us today.


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