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Some Unforseen Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

Private security has been a growing industry for some time, and it’s only been spurred on by incidents like 9/11. While a business might hire a security guard for protection and safety keeping an officer on the premises is like dropping a rock into a pond. There’s the obvious and immediate effects, but there are also ripples you might not have thought of. Ripples like…

Lowered Insurance Costs

One of the big benefits of hiring a security guard is that your insurance premiums will go down. The reason is because licensed and bonded security guards reduce incidents that will result in insurance claims, and thus the guards make your business less of a risk. The result is smaller payments for the same coverage.

Customer (and Employee) Peace of Mind

While physical safety is important, the promise of safety can go a long way too. Even if security officers never have to step in and deal with a situation, the knowledge that they are standing by and ready to help can make both employees and customers feel safer. That feeling will result in a better overall business tone.


While it’s expected that guards will do their jobs well there’s an added air of authority and professionalism that comes with security guards. Just by being there a security guard can make it clear that your team is all business. A guard is a visible presence that makes it clear you take safety and security seriously, and that statement carries over to the rest of your business as well.

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