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The Security Officer Is Still The Best Defense Money Can Buy

It seems like even basic security systems for homes and businesses in today’s age look like something out of a spy-fi thriller. Miniature wireless cameras that can be viewed from your smartphone from half a world away might once have been something only highly-funded military installations have, but now anyone with a little extra green can buy one. While cutting-edge systems that use fingerprint or retinal ID may be all the rage, there’s still one security tool that is more effective than any other security tool in any company’s high-tech arsenal.

A security officer.

The Human Element

No matter how advanced your locks or alarms are, anything built by man can be bypassed by man. While modern-day thieves have electronic lock picks instead of old-fashioned metal ones, but they do the same job. No matter what app a thief has on his smart phone though, it can’t bypass a human security guard. Even smash-and-grab thieves know that the danger of an alarm isn’t the alarm itself, but rather the fact it will soon summon people to stop them. By having a security officer or two on the premises there is already someone there.

Not only that, but security officers have the ability to provide customer service and reassurance in ways that no machine can. Even if you have a state-of-the-art security system complete with a laser grid it will never have the same effect as a uniformed security officer with a friendly smile and the willingness to step in to help if a customer or employee needs something.

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