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How to Help People Feel Comfortable with an Armed Guard at their Apartment Complex

Many apartment complex owners prefer not to hire armed guards because they do not wish to alarm their residents. Even so, there are times when hiring an armed guard is necessary, which is why you may want to consider some ways to making having one seem less threatening.

Professional Dress

People automatically become anxious whenever they see an armed security guard in uniform. The fact that many security officer uniforms look much like police uniforms tends to make folks think there is a reason to be afraid. For this reason, you may want to have your security guard wear professional clothing such as khakis and a polo shirt instead. Doing so will automatically make people feel more at ease.

Meet and Greet

Schedule a meet and greet with your armed security officer at a time when most of your residents are available. Serve finger foods and let people get to know the officer a little better. Chances are, they will feel more comfortable with that person’s presence once they start picturing the officer as a part of their community.

During your festivities, you could also host a town hall meeting. This will allow you to talk with your residents about the armed guard, and your reasons for having one. You can also reassure them that having an officer with a firearm on the premises will actually deter unwanted activity, since criminals tend to shy away from areas where guns are present.

People may react with caution when they first notice an armed guard in their apartment complex. After time, they will adjust to the idea, and may even welcome his or her presence. If you’re in need of an armed security officer for your Atlanta-area apartment complex, contact us.


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