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Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Gives Tailgating Safety Tips for your Stadium

In autumn, tailgating is one of the most popular past times. Tailgating these days is not just limited to professional or college stadiums, as people also tailgate at high schools, junior colleges and community sports fields. As a stadium manager, there are a few things you must do before tailgating season starts to ensure the safety of your guests.

Make sure your parking lot is in good condition-You don’t want guests to be injured by falling into a pothole or stumbling on uneven pavement. Check the condition of your parking lot ahead of time to reduce the odds of this happening.

Make sure you have adequate lighting-The right amount of lighting is also essential if you are to prevent people from falling. Make sure your security lighting is working properly, and call for repairs if you discover problems.

Establish the rules-Tailgating is about fun, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be rules. You should develop clear policies on the use of alcohol, drugs, fireworks, and other things that are potentially dangerous. A code of conduct for personal behavior should also be spelled out, including sanctions for those caught violating the rules.

Have security officers in place-Merely hoping that nothing goes wrong could be disastrous. Establishing the rules and then believing everyone will follow them is both naïve and dangerous-especially since many tailgating events include alcohol. On the other hand, if security officers are regularly patrolling the grounds, people are going to be much more likely to comply.

Another benefit to having security guards at your stadium during tailgating season is the fact that their presence will make others feel safe. As such, people are more likely to come back again because they have had a good time. To schedule security guards for your tailgating event, please contact us. As Atlanta’s best security guard company, we can provide you with the coverage you need so that everyone involved is protected.


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