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Security Guards: Armed or Unarmed?

Choosing whether to have armed or unarmed security guards is an important and complex decision for office, retail, residential, and healthcare spaces. Personal preference, company policy, and other factors might dictate which kind of security is desired. Other factors that might determine which kind of security is best include things like the potential for criminality in a given area, the value of goods to be protected, or prior information on a potential threat. If the security is for a warehouse auction of extremely valuable goods, an armed security detail will probably suit the job better. If, however, the job is for residential security in a secluded neighborhood, unarmed guards could likely suffice.

It’s no secret that in North Georgia and Atlanta many private individuals are armed. However, security officers from BOS Security do not need to be armed to be effective. Our personnel are trained and professional, and the presence of our officers at an office space, healthcare facility, or retail location is a strong deterrent and effective reaction force regardless of whether or not the officers are armed.

Armed guards, however, are perhaps even more effective than unarmed guards in many situations, especially in an area where the likelihood of needing an armed guard is higher. Again, this is all about knowledge of the area being served, the community, and the value of the building or goods being protected. Distribution centers or manufacturing facilities are often in isolated urban areas with little lighting, traffic, or other “natural” security, especially at night. In these situations, armed officers would probably be desirable. Again, this all depends on company policy and preference, but it isn’t hard to see why an armed detail might be preferable in this situation.

One factor to consider when deciding on armed or unarmed security is the reduction of risk. It’s important to assess the risks surrounding the area in need of security to accurately determine the best approach, and BOS Security has the tools and knowledge to do just that. How much is the risk, and how much does your business feel comfortable reducing it to are critical questions to ask.

Another factor to consider is effectiveness. What kinds of situations and events do you need the security to be able to respond to? Is the job reacting to a burglary by calling police, or needing to perhaps react to something more serious? These are definite concerns for anyone hiring security. Maybe the job is protection from disease and the environment. Whatever the job is, knowledge of the situation is critical to appropriating the correct security plan for your needs.

A few final thoughts on armed or unarmed guards:

Protection of assets is important for any business. And unless you take steps to protect your assets there’s a risk of losing them. Depending on the value of the assets needing protection, this might dictate whether armed or unarmed guards are best for your case.

The financial benefits of having guard services at your business, residential space, distribution center or factory, is unquestionable. With reduced risk your business has lower operational costs and less potential for untoward events that might upset its trajectory.

Similarly, while some of your competitors or colleagues might not attend and address the question of risk seriously, you will be the one who does, and will be more effective and more respected in the marketplace because of it.

Lastly, whether you’re considering hiring security for a residential area, healthcare space, or retail/factory space, you want to care for your employees. You invest in them, and they do quality work for you. Protecting them with whatever kind of security is necessary will improve working relationships, and make your business an ideal environment for employees to work happily and flourish.

The professionals at BOS Security are extremely capable of determining with you the proper security for your needs. Your input and knowledge on the area and project, company policy etc., coupled with a BOS Security threat assessment and analysis will be able to find the exact right security solution, whether that’s an armed or unarmed security detail. At the end of everyday, after security is involved, you shouldn’t be distracted by risk – you should feel free to do your job, knowing that security is in extremely capable hands.


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