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Why Regular Security Assessments Are Important

Regular security assessments are an important part of any business owner’s annual routine. Depending on the type of business and the business’ location, the security professionals at BOS Security recommend every business concerned with security undergo a full security assessment at least once per year.

As your business expands, adds more properties or inventory, hires new personnel, or begins to change how the business operates, new potential security threats arise. Whether this is in the form of a vulnerable new lot or warehouse space, unsecured inventory, or simply new people involved in your business as employees or partners, these changes can sometimes expose areas of a business that can be exploited. A full security assessment from the professionals at BOS Security will accurately assess these potential hazards and make recommendations for ameliorating and neutralizing them.

Additionally, as we’ve written about before, crime statistics change depending on the season and time of year. In the winter, crimes are more often carefully planned and deliberate. In addition, squatters and people looking to harm the inside of commercial structures often use the winter months, when there are fewer people walking around the streets and checking on things, as optimal times to invade buildings. In summer months, crimes of opportunity are the main concern, and there are more chances of people committing petty thefts, vandalism, or other such crimes. Assessing the seasons and other environmental factors, like vulnerabilities to a business from neighboring parks, rivers, forests, and other businesses, are all part of what a security assessment would investigate and address.

The main reason to conduct security assessments regularly is that in business, as in everything, things change. Maybe the neighborhood that your business started in was very safe a few years ago, but maybe now it has changed and there are new potential security threats to address. Or, maybe the neighborhood is still safe, but some of the routes your business uses to ship goods to customers are not the best. Maybe you have professional security in your retail business, in the front of the shop, but the back of the store where inventory is unloaded is vulnerable to theft and exploitation.

The final reason it’s important to do regular security assessments is that often businesses think they’ve employed the appropriate security solutions, but in reality these might be outdated, or even broken and nonfunctioning. In everyday life at a small to medium sized business, accomplishing the day’s work and looking after your bottom line is taking up all of the time and everyones minds. No one thinks to worry about the surveillance system that no longer works, the malfunctioning intrusion system that is left “off” because it’s a hassle and often sounds the alarm in the middle of the day, or the ID system that has been largely replaced with the “eyeball” system — counting on employees to notice if someone who isn’t supposed to be there is. These are serious security issues that need to be addressed and attended to by professionals. Don’t leave it up to your non-security employees to run and maintain security equipment.

A proper security assessment, done by professionals, is one of the best tools any business can use to make sure it’s up-t0-date and functioning as it should. As a business owner, you invest all of your time making sure your business runs smoothly and continues to grow. For that reason, significant issues of security are often overlooked. So let us at BOS Security take care of making sure your business is secured and in the best position it can be to succeed.

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