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Why A Security Presence At Your Sporting Event Is Vital

A professional security presence at any large sporting event is really a must-have. A sports arena is an an area that absolutely demands professional security. It’s a large space, full of people coming and going, full of possibly inebriated fans, and rife with possible security and conflict situations that can happen. Security is necessary to safeguard the entire arena — including staff, attendees, and teams.

Security is foremost necessary in a sports arena because of the large potential target that a sporting event makes for anyone wanting to commit a violent public act. Fans and teams are focused on the game, so there’s a definite need for professional security to be able to react to all kinds of situations. A professional security detail equipped with metal detectors etc., can go a long way to protecting an arena from any untoward event.

Hiring professional security for a sports game isn’t just about protecting fans and teams from violent public acts, however. Professional security is also there also to protect fans from other fans, when tensions run high, and to protect teams and coaches from fans in those tense situations. The increase in professional security at NBA games is often seen as a direct result of the Pacers-Pistons brawl in 2004. In this case, players were harried by fans until some players began fighting with fans. As a result, more fans spilled out on to the court to fight with players. The movement of players and fans was not controlled by event security, because at the time security at NBA games was very minimal. The brawl was a complete debacle and a potentially extremely dangerous situation for the teams and fans.

The reasons to have professional security at a sporting event are plainly evident. The space itself, a sporting arena, is a maze of hallways, doors, rooms, and access staircases that need to be properly protected and patrolled. Fans entering locker rooms, or accessing the stadium illegally through unprotected doors are definitely unwanted situations. The potential for lax security in these situations also leaves open frightening possibilities for anyone wanting to do harm at an arena.

Teams should feel comfortable and free in the sports environment, so they can put on their best performances for the fans. If teams are having to worry about locker room security, crowd security, and the overall safety of the event — the game will suffer and might need to be called off. Fans too should feel safe and secure in sports arenas, knowing that professional Security Officers were involved in the fan-entry process, as well as responsible for the security around the entire arena.

Fortunately, BOS Security has years of experience providing high quality professional security to major sports events of all kinds. After a complete security assessment of the venue, the pros at BOS will be able to make exact recommendations for security solutions based on years of in-field research and practice providing security to sporting events. We know that the last thing arena staff, fans, and teams want to worry about at a sporting event is security. The staff need to focus on their own professionalism, the teams need to focus on defeating the opponent, and the fans need to cheer on their teams to victory. All of this needs to happen in a safe and secure environment provided by industry-leading professionals, however, and that’s where BOS Security comes in.

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