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Malls In Atlanta To Increase Their Security

Prompted by the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last year, malls in the Atlanta area have stepped up their security measures. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, eight malls owned by mall giant Simon Property Group have been heightening security. This process started last November, in preparation for the busy holiday season, and presumably continues.

Simon Property Group owns Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza, and the Northlake Mall in Atlanta. They also own the Mall of Georgia in Buford, Calhoun Premium Outlets in Calhoun, North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, Town Center at Cobb in Kennesaw, and Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville.

Simon noted that their measures included the deployment of a “robust security force”, “continuous patrol routes”, and the utilization of law enforcement personnel on the premises. The ownership group also mentioned that they employ a host of other kinds of security measures at their locations which are withheld from public knowledge, and also have detailed security plans for each of their locations.

The importance of having professional and capable security at malls is plainly evident. Just like sporting arenas, transportation hubs, and dense urban areas, malls are a place where lots of people congregate together in large number. Additionally, just like all of those examples as well, malls are full of entrances, exits, hallways and corridors, and are a maze of potential security issues. It’s important to take the job of security seriously in large public spaces, to protect patrons and employees from any untoward events.

People shopping in malls are normally not thinking about their security. They’re rushing to buy what they came for, or leisurely looking around for something that grabs their eye. Likewise, employees of shops in a mall are focused on running their own shops, and can’t be focused on mall security as a whole. That’s why, even for small malls, hiring professional security is very important.

Apart from protecting mall patrons and employees from serious harm, hiring professional security brings lots of other benefits as well. A team of professional Security Officers can also help the businesses within the mall with their security issues, like shoplifting, more serious theft, etc. Additionally, a mall that is without a security presence feels derelict and not up to modern standards. Patrons of a mall will feel far more comfortable and willing to spend their hard-earned money in an area that feels safe, well taken care of, and professional. The presence of a team of Security Officers can help provide this first-rate atmosphere. Furthermore, Security Officers can genuinely make a place safer, not just the “feeling” of safety, through their skills and knowledge.

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Post Source – Atlanta Business Chronicle 



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