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Professional Security Means Better Customer Service

A professional Security Officer can bring many advantages to a company, and some of those advantages are not as obvious as you might think. Everyone knows that a Security Officer is there to protect the people, property, and business they serve. But a Security Officer should also serve as a helpful aid and center of professionalism that will make the environment comfortable and safe.

No matter what the business setting, having professional Security Officers lends a sense of calm and protection to anyone on the premises. In this respect, Security Officers are more than just a reaction force to crime, they’re a critical part of any businesses customer service. The security professionals at any institution are not just hired goons to maintain order, they’re a representative of that organization to every customer or person on the premises.

At a school or university, a Security Officer is an important part of the organizations safety and emergency response team, and can also help educate students and other people on campus about the safety issues they might face. Whether a Security Officer is assisting an emergency, helping students access a building, or checking IDs to make sure there’s nobody on campus or in a building that shouldn’t be, a customer service minded Security Officer is a must.

In a retail business or other small business, the responsibility of a Security Officer includes the safety of employees, customers, and anyone on the premises. Dealing with a large quantity of different people everyday, and helping/responding accordingly, requires a high level of engagement, social interaction, and awareness of the situation. A Security Officer is not a brute only there to fight crime, but a key part of the way any business functions. Just like other employees, it’s important for the Security Officer to be able to fit seamlessly into the business environment and interact professionally with anyone.
The importance of having professional Security Officers at your business or organization is many-fold. Of course, a professional Security Officer should focus on the safety of all people in the area, as well as the integrity and safety of the property belonging to the business. These goals, however, are always achieved through interaction with other people. Whether it’s monitoring an entrance ID system — where recognizing familiar people is a needed skill, interacting with customers and employees who might be assistance, or any other task that might come up, a focus on effective communication and a thoughtful response is a must for any truly professional Security Officer.

Security Officers from BOS Security are not only physically capable individuals with the ability to safeguard people and property, but thoughtful and experienced professionals who know that their responsibility extends beyond physical safeguarding and monitoring. The most effective security is one that is approachable, good at communicating, and make themselves a part of the working community they operate in. With this type of mindset, a Security Officer is more likely to notice if something seems off or unusual, they’ll be tapped into the comings and goings of their community, and therefore more intelligent and better at responding to any issue.

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