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5 Attributes That Could Help Your Security Career

As a security professional, there are certain personal attributes that will benefit you greatly in your security career. An effective Security Officer is honest, alert, physically fit, good at interacting with people, and possesses the ability to tailor their protection to the needs of the client. At BOS Security many of our security officers are current or former law enforcement officers, which ensures that our officers exemplify all of these attributes and possess skills and experience beyond these five important attributes of a security officer.

Honesty is a critical characteristic for a good security guard to possess. As the professional with a duty to protect and be responsible for securing the safety of a building and the people within, an honest security officer is absolutely crucial. A dishonest officer might allow or cultivate crime, steal, or compromise the security of the area. Business owners and employers put their faith in security officers to monitor their space and be able to react capably if anything goes wrong. Similarly, a business owner and employer count on a security officer to report on any activity within the area honestly and quickly.

Alertness And Awareness is an extremely important attribute for anyone looking to become a security officer. This includes paying attention to the people coming and going, monitoring entrances and exits, and staying focused and vigilant every minute on the job. This is where law enforcement experience comes in very handy, many employees of BOS Security are ex law enforcement so the training is already above and beyond that of a normal security guard. Keep this in mind when making your future security decisions.

Physical And Mental Fitness is a core skill of a law enforcement or security officer. A good officer is physically and mentally capable of responding quickly to threats and emergencies while staying cool, calm and in control. Additionally, a good security officer provides a physical presence that itself is a deterrence against any unwanted activity. This also helps any people being protected to feel safer around a physically fit security officer knowing that they can protect them and their assets should that be required.

Communication Skills are very important in a security officer. You need to be able to de-escalate situations and get people on your side and doing what you need them to do without having much difficulty. In a different vein, the majority of the time on the job is about interacting with people effectively. A security guard is often tasked with running entrance and ID verification systems, dealing with reports and concerns from employees/customers/residents etc, and also doing smaller tasks like managing packages, and other routine tasks. These tasks are important, but do not require brute force or tough talk. Clear, concise and courteous communication is important for most routine tasks for a security officer.

Flexibility is imporatnt too because of the variety of tasks, jobs and locations the professional security officer has to be trained for and deal with. What one client might require at a warehouse, shipping center, or industrial site, might be very different from what is required at a retail business, neighborhood, or public venue. The tasks associated with each security job is different, and specifications from clients vary considerably. A good security officer will recognize the differences between the various environments they operate in and pay careful attention to the specific needs of the client and those who they protect and keep secure.

There are lots of skills and expertise that any effective security professional needs to have in order to succeed. In addition to honesty, alertness, physical fitness, communication, and flexibility, a security professional always has up to date skills and training. At BOS Security, a large portion of our Security Officers are current or former law enforcement, this ensures that their skills and standards of security are second to none. BOS Security Officers are true professionals. They’re self motivated and know that they represent the company, client, and themselves to the highest standard.

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