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Why A Security Needs Assessment Will Provide You Long Term Security

There’s no doubt the benefits provided with a security needs assessment are vast and can contribute to your long term security needs. Fully understanding your security requirements and any ins and outs of your specific location and situation means your security is tailored to your situation.

Reducing Your Risks

If you have a long term tailored security solution in place you reduce the risk to your staff, property and company stakeholders, keeping your liability to a minimum puts you at a competitive advantage over your rivals.

There’s also a strong financial benefit to having your needs fully assessed before taking on security, the needs assessment should go into highly detailed requirements about the building and people to be secured. Getting the security assessment right the first time by carefully assessing needs from the outset means you won’t need to reassess as often and this saves time and money.

Identify The Level of Risk

An extremely important part of the assessment is to find out what the level of risk is. If you know where risks are present in your operations the assessment can tailor the security to cover this, looking forward you can ensure security coverage maintains with the growth of your operations and adjust the security requirements as needed further down the track if necessary however the right assessment should work for the long term.

Peace Of Mind

A long term security needs assessment will provide much needed peace of mind to you and your employees. Long term security means you can set it and forget it. Let us do the work for you so you can be at ease, there’s no doubt that employees that feel safe and secure will work more productively and be happier in their work environment.

This will provide productivity benefits all the way up your business model from your entry level employees to your CEO.

Feeling Safe And The Productivity Connection

There’s a strong link between employees feeling safe and secure and being able to maximize their productivity.

Employees who know you have a long term security system in place for them will feel safer and appreciate the effort you are going to as their employer to make sure their workplace is as safe as possible from external and security threats.

Shane Crouse, from Pride Manufacturing said “Safety and health has a tremendous value to it. …You’re not hurting the person on the job. When that person gets hurt, you have to replace him with somebody that might not be as well trained …your production or your quality might suffer. You’re not having the expense of worker’s comp and medical bills associated with that. It is certainly a better working environment if people aren’t afraid of what they are doing. A couple of years ago we really started trying hard; we were in control of our medical costs and workers comp costs and over the past 2-3 years, we’ve reduced that dramatically… almost $200,000.” – (source)

Consider your work place safety picture isn’t just what your employees do at work, the tools and systems they use and the risk those items pose, but consider their personal security as a core component of the overall safety picture, this ties in directly to long term security.

How Do I Get An Assessment?

Simple, click here to get started, there’s a no obligation assessment available with BOS Security to find out your security needs long term, spare no detail and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. If you are a Georgia based operation and want to provide that level of safety and security to your staff and operation don’t hesitate!

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