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Corporate Security Issues Are Not Always About The Physical Threat

Let’s look at the issues targeting corporate and government environments that represent a real security threat to the organization without posing immediate physical threat, inside this realm there are still areas where your physical security presence will work hand in hand with the information technology security.

The Cyber Threat

Becoming more important by the day is cyber security threats the like of which can cost you money to fix related damages, coming to mind would be large retailers being hacked over the past 5 years or so where customer details and credit card information was stolen, one could argue the true damage here wasn’t the stolen credit card information but the reputation damage done to the company.

To make sure your operations are minimizing their risk in this area keep your ground level security up to scratch and your cyber security properly suited to your requirements, the two go hand in hand to giving you the best solution, here’s a few areas you should have your IT department focus on.

Virus And Malware

Virus and Malware have a particularly sharp threat to your security, used sometimes for malicious damage to your information systems the real security threat here for corporate and govermennt enterprises is from the theft of sensitive data from your servers, while the value of the data will vary depending on what your operations are, be it government or private enterprise this is one area of your security you need to watch closely.

It only takes a minute for a virus to deliver your confidential information to the hands of a hacker and once they have it it’s out there forever.

Keep a close eye out for Malware that contain key loggers, this vicious software records keystrokes on a particular work station so it can record passwords and username entries on the system posing a massive security risk especially if left undetected.

Network Infrastructure

Things just need to work at the network level, what I mean is workstations, servers and networks are integral to the IT security of your operations. If your servers go down and your employees can’t use the integrated systems of your organization, we find that you are open to employees using other methods to do their work which will bypass security layers and open you to risk.

That is if the situation enables them to continue working with the IT systems down, in some industries this is inconvenient but in most it creates a major security hole. In the modern corporate or government organization the IT department has a very important role in security and they need to work hand in hand with the physical security presence.

Spam Emails

Those annoying spam emails you get at home about a fake lottery or Nigerian prince are brushed off today as just a part of modern internet usage, at home you just delete them or throw them into the spam folder and let your email client take care of it for you.

While a modern annoyance at home, at the office or work station spam emails that slip through your anti-spam net pose security risks as these emails can often hide malicious code like a Virus or Malware which opens you up to the threats listed previously.

Any good corporate or government agency will have strong anti-spam technology in place at the server end to make sure employees email accounts are as spam free as possible but be warned; employees using the internet to access their private email accounts at work pose a major security risk.

The spam filters should keep up to date with technology but a solid police at the workplace to prevent employees from using workstations to access private email accounts will help too.

Hand In Hand

While barely scratching the vast surface of the modern cyber security threat these are good reminders of where you should keep your IT focus.

Don’t forget to head to our services section to see what physical security expertise we can provide and remember your security needs are vast and to keep your cyber security working in-line with your physical security.

Threats come from all angles.

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