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5 Ways To Increase Your Security Efficiency With Remote Guarding

Since remote guarding services are rising fast in popularity in the USA there’s always some great information you’ll need to help you utilize this great technology in your security services solutions. In this update we’re going to cover 5 great ways you can take on remote guarding solutions.

It’s often stated that remote guarding is like having a guard on the rounds even when you don’t have a guard on site 24/7. Like most businesses and offices you don’t really need a guard to be on site during certain times of the day or night depending on your security needs (click here to check in on our security needs assessment page). This means you can still have security on your premises without having a guard roving around on site into the low risk hours of the day.

Improved Employee Retention Increases Business Efficiency

The first aspect of having a remote guarding solution in place is the employee retention benefits you’ll find that come with being an operation that cares about their employees. Being able to keep them secure is paramount to your reputation in any business and with remote guarding you are able to close security gaps which would leave your employees at unnecessary risk.

It’s true that an employee that feels secure is definitely going to be more likely to stay and this saves on your time and financial cost of replacing employees who have left because they felt insecure.

Alarm Verification Benefits

One thing that remote guarding will provide is the alarm verification accuracy boost you get with remote verification. When an employee or guest inadvertently triggers an alarm for whatever reason you’ll be able to have a guard viewing the situation remotely check the threats severity before alarms go off and guards start running.

This is a great time and resource saver for your on site security and the red faced staff member as they won’t have to deal with the fallout of tripping an alarm and having to explain themselves to on site security people.

With your modern remote guarding solution the remote guard has an audio feed which is a great way to communicate with the employee without having to send down a guard and otherwise create anymore work load than is strictly necessary.

Remote Exit / Entry Management

This is quite useful in terms of resource and time saving. Being able to remotely gain or deny access to certain areas is quite useful as not every entry or exit really needs a guard standing outside it.

With a remote entry system the remote guard can see via the high quality video feed!

Remote Perimeter Monitoring

Certain operations take on a risk from the outside, not only from the front gate but from the very perimeter of the site being guarded.

While you can have roaming guard patrols around the perimeter of the property it’s often more effective to leave this part to a remote guarding system which can detect attempted entry and dispatch guards on foot to respond if necessary.

Automatic Detection

The software behind remote guarding stations is now so advanced it can watch the video feeds and look for objects. For example an intruder can be detected on a software level from either motion or face recognition and can look for banned people and alert the monitoring guard for further identification and of course can dispatch a guard on site of necessary to remove the intruder.

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