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What If Health Care Facilities Had 24-Hour Guards?

It’s always concerning to hear in the news about security problems and violence occurring at hospitals, especially in the emergency departments late at night when they’re likely to be admitting potentially violent patients under the effects of narcotics.

There’s been plenty of cases in Australia lately where patients under the effects of various drugs have turned violent and harmed themselves and other patients or staff members because of a lack of security at the hospital to contain and control these types of situations.

Security For Everyone

The ideal situation is to have a security presence for your health care facility regardless of size. Even if you’re a small clinic all the way up to a major regional hospital you need to provide security for your patients, staff and visitors.

While a small clinic probably doesn’t require 24-hour on-site security attendance for patient protection there’s a great option in remote guarding solutions for protect the site and its highly volatile contents (drugs, equipment and medicines) from intrusion while the office is closed.

For a facility like a hospital their needs are different, with an A&E department running 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year there’s situations arising there that that staff like nurses and doctors simply aren’t equipped to handle very well.

There’s been a number of incidents across the globe in the last years where people under the effects of various narcotics have turned violence and caused havoc among other patients, visitors and staff and in these situations where there’s been no security present the risk to everybody involved is too high.

Having a security presence will be a great way to turn a potentially violence situation around and should the worse occur the officers are BOS Security are trained to handle these situations and resolve the situation before it gets too nasty.

Improvements In Safety

The ability to have a security in a health facility is important because health related facilities are the places where injured and sick people come to feel safe and heal in a secure environment. It’s no surprise that people who are unwell and their friends & family visiting have the right and desire to feel safe when they’re in unfortunate situations requiring hospitalization.

The benefits of having security at your medical facilities also applies to your most important asset, your staff. While they feel safe they’ll work in a more productive environment and without fear that should a terrible situation arise that they won’t be alone in dealing with the problem because on site security means the problem can be contained and dealt with promptly and safely with minimal disruption.

It’s important that your entire staff, from the cleaners to the nurses, and the doctors and administration staff should feel safe and be able to conduct their day to day business without having to worry about violent patients or security breaches. Let BOS Security take care of that aspect of securing your operations.

For Your Reputation

The other less thought about benefit to providing security is how this effects your reputation in the community and with other facilities. If you’ve gone to the trouble to secure your facility is shows just how much you care about its contents, both human and material. There’s really too many benefits to cover in one article but rest assured some form of security is essential whether it be remote monitoring for smaller facilities or onsite guard services for larger ones you need some form of security.

What To Do Now?

Simple! Click here to head to our security needs assessment page. Because we tailor our security to the needs of our clients we conduct a comprehensive security needs assessment so that the security we deliver to your facility, big or small is perfectly suited to the requirements of your operations. One size definitely doesn’t fit all!



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