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How To Improve On-Site Security Procedures

When it comes to on-site security there’s all kinds of things that you can do as a site administrator to minimize the risks to your business. Liability is a major consideration when making business decisions and keeping your liability to a minimum is critical.

One major aspect of this liability reduction is how you secure your site, and what you do to prevent liable situations from arising. Here’s some tips and advice on improving your on-site security arrangements to keep these risks to a minimum for the health of your business and also the health and wellbeing of your guests and stakeholders.

Location, Location, Location!

While too late for an established site for a new site if you’re in the planning phases location is a very serious consideration for any business or operation. Building in a high crime area will of course add risks for vandalism, burglary and other like crimes. To Combat these issues, you’ll need to invest in more and higher technology security services and operations to cover the risks and liability.

The flip side to this is if you can save on rent if you’re moving into a new location.

Because of location and cover the liability with a security service from BOS Security you could be ahead financially and have the security presence that shows your business really cares and image is very important to a business so being secure is part of that image. Not just for your customers but for your employees too, feeling safe at work is important to staff retention and productivity!

Work Smart! Not Harder!

There’s some pretty smart things you can do to add security to your site, even if the office is closed and nobody is there. Here’s some cool ideas for added security, some of these might seem obvious but I’ll mention them anyway.

  • Install Security alarms and motion sensors
  • Timers for lights (keeps potential breaks in down as the site looks occupied)
  • Motion sensitive lights near doors and car park areas (will startle attempted break-ins and provide good lighting for your staff at night)
  • Remote guarding services (click here to contact us about how we can help you with this!)
  • Lockable cash offices with secured safes (keep cash on site to a minimum)
  • On Site BOS Security Patrols (Let BOS Security take care of your security!)

The Paper Trail

It’s also important to have your administration have documentation for employees to follow, these documents are guidelines on security and safety on the site and should be available to your employees, contractors and even visitors depending on the type of facility you operate.

In this document you should strive to list the areas of the business that everybody is responsible for security. Make sure everybody is aware of procedure and protocol around security and have emergency numbers available for them to contact security services if they have anything to report.

How To Look For And Recognize Employee Theft

It’s not uncommon for some retail businesses to report losses from shrinkage in the millions of dollars per year from theft, but what might surprise you is that in some cases the percentage of employee theft is higher than outside theft!

There’s many ways you can detect and deter employee theft, whether it be theft of cash from the register or theft of goods for sale.

  • Security cameras covering registers or cash handling areas
  • Carefully check the registers for cash balance
  • Watch closely for unusual write-offs or strange patterns around write-offs
  • Check your accounts periodically, sometimes you can miss strange pay outs or write offs
  • Regular inventory stocktakes and security cameras in stock storage areas

While not definitive, these are just a few points to think about when it comes to employee theft, and remember that security should be provided to everybody, not just guests and customers.

The other aspect of theft protection from internal sources is careful recruitment. It’s far better to have an employee with a squeaky clean history working than one with a history of theft and criminal activity. Who you hire is very important to your security.

What’s Next?

Click here to head to our security needs assessment page to begin your assessment, at BOS Security we offer all types of security services to business and government alike and pride ourselves on our Grade A security.



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