Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

As a modern security officer is a diverse role requiring the officer to have up to date knowledge in many related fields around protocol and technology. They also need to have a fair level of skills in communicating and dealing with people in a compassionate manner.

Not to mention they’re often put into situations and positions of high stress and of course need to remain calm and collected during a security event. Behind the scenes of a BOS Security officer you’ll find an extremely high degree of training and often are ex law enforcement officers which means they bring with them years of training and community service.

Let’s cover some of the key elements to a security officer and the critical things they bring to the communities and businesses they serve.

Prevention Of Damage And Protection Of Property And People

This is one of the key responsibilities of the security officer, tasked with preventing crime and damage against both people and property alike. The security officer is a key element in your liability as a business or organization to keep your employees, visitors, stakeholders and guests safe from damage.

Tied in closely with this responsibility is keeping your liability down which is critical for businesses in 2016 and beyond.

Being Visible Is Being There

Visibility is important for a security officer. Perhaps one of the greatest impacts to having your business secured by BOS Security is the deterrence factor. Having the security in place is often enough to deter petty criminal damage and also helps your staff and guests feel safe.

Having your security visible also projects an image to your community that you value their safety and value your business enough to protect it with BOS!

Vigilance Means Prevention

Coming back to the first point the BOS Security officer is vigilant and will not miss security risks or unusual patterns of behaviour. Trained in the latest security techniques your BOS Security officer is highly trained and highly tuned to attention to detail to further reduce risks to your assets.

Observance And Reporting

Should a security event occur the security officer is responsible for not only observing and responding but also the inevitable reporting and rectification processes that needs to follow a breach of security in any way shape or form.

One of the important lessons that your business can learn from security related events is how to prevent them further and reduce risks and increase safety. BOS Security will be able to review any event that may occur and work diligently to prevent further breaches.

Team Work And Getting Help

In the event of serious crime and danger such as armed robbery, burglary or assault your security officer is required to and will send for backup. Police should be notified and BOS Security will get various services involved as they might be needed. No event or job will be half handled and will be seen through to completion to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and the law.

Also BOS Security officers are trained to work with your existing staff and stakeholders to ensure seamless operations within your business. Your security shouldn’t be a burden to your operations but keep things moving smoothly while providing A-Grade Security.

Where To Go From Here?

Head to our security needs assessment page now to find out what types of security protection you need from BOS Security. With a security needs assessment we’re able to find out exactly what your security requirements are and how best to implement them into your operations.

Don’t forget to take a quick look at the security services offered by BOS security and contact us if you have any further questions on 404-793-6965 we’d love to answer any questions or queries you have about BOS Security and the services which we provide.


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