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4 Things That Make BOS Security Unique

We’re very proud of what we do here at BOS Security and we’d like to talk about 4 very important things that BOS Security do that make us the best security service in Georgia. With a long history of serving the community we’re looking forward to continuing our tradition of quality and care in the future.

Serving With Distinction Since 1993

At BOS Security we’re proud to have been in operation since 1993. Along the way we’ve been accredited by multiple organizations. We have certified protection professionals on staff as certified by ASIS International and also an Institution Protection Manager with certification from the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection.

This means we’ve attained the highest level of certification possible for our staff.

BOS Security is a GSA Schedule holder and family owned and operated business. The family ownership gives you the knowledge that BOS Security isn’t a mega corporation and when dealing with BOS you’re dealing with the people who run and own the company and you’re dealing with a business that is fully focused on providing the customer with the best care and outcomes possible.

With BOS Security you are dealing directly with the decision makers and not layers of management and red tape when dealing with a large mega corporate company.

Grade A Security Guard Training

It’s very important to have the best training for your service guards. One thing that BOS Security prides itself on is the level of training that our security officers have undertaken.

BOS Security officers are trained to the highest degree in security operations and have an ex-law enforcement background which gives them an edge of skill and training over most security guards in the US.

Our Security officers are trained in property and asset protection, emergency management response, first aid and CPR, crisis management and of course have excellence communication skills.

Because BOS Security only hire the best security guards you only get the best protection. The security guards we hire combined with the best technology available means you get the best service available.

Outstanding Customer Service To You

At BOS Security we don’t just meet our client’s expectations, we exceed them. Because we know that just doing the job isn’t good enough. We go the great lengths to hire and train the best security guards, to use and implement the best security technology and procedures available.

BOS Security Officers are cross trained in not just security services but also emergency management and have been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Institute and the National Fire Academy, Ga. Basic Firefighter Training and Ga. EMT.

This provides the client with a level of service extending far beyond just basic security guard services and this is one of the reasons why BOS Security is trusted with commercial, private and government level security.

As with all human to human operations communication is essential and part of our service offering is our outstanding level of communication we offer to our clients and operate from within the company.

At BOS Security we have a close contact between our guard force and management and the company and of course a very close communication link to you, our client.

Security Guard Accountability

It’s of critical importance to the integrity of the business and its operations that we’re accountable for our services and the work we do.

Using the latest technology in security guard monitoring we offer a portal for our supervisors and our clients to track security guards during their operations so you have the ability to login to the online portal and see what’s happening with your BOS Security in real time without having to spend an hour on the phone to your service provider trying to work out where they are.

Using RFID and GPS tracking devices the guards will always be on patrol and doing their assigned duties, we’ve also included in their kit the ability to dial their supervisor, or the client if they have questions and contains a panic button should they need it.

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