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3 Key Reasons To Secure Your Facility With BOS Security

When it comes to grade A security services you need to look no further than BOS security, while there’s plenty of reasons BOS Security is the right choice for your business we will cover a few of the most important areas for security.

Excellence In Service And Communication

We take pride in our service to our clients and our ability to communicate with them. Quality communication is essential for any business but when it comes to security operations it becomes even more important.

Because there’s so much at stake in the health of safety of your employees, guests and contractors you need a service you can rely on to operate with your business. BOS Security has a dedicated administration support so your business has somebody to contact at BOS HQ at any time.

Openness in everything and BOS Security staff and officers are great communicators.

BOS Security was licensed by the state of Georgia in 1993 and we’ve been working with various private and government sector enterprises since then to provide grade A security.

Only The Best Serve

We hire and train only the BEST security officers. Our security officers are mostly ex-law enforcement and trained to the highest degree not just in security, but in communications, property protection, emergency management response and crisis management.

This means that the BOS Security officer isn’t just an ordinary guard, they’re the best trained security team in Georgia. A BOS Security guard is more than just a responder to a security incident.

Having been trained in law enforcement the BOS Security officer has fantastic attention to detail and analytical skills, excellent investigators and professional in everything they do the BOS Security officer is the best person for the job.

Don’t forget our personnel are covered by a $3,000,000 liability insurance policy.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Security Services

Since 1993 we’ve gained invaluable experience in various industries providing grade A protection and security, we can provide security in the following ways and more!

Corporate & Office Security, we’re experts in Class A Office Security. Providing Visitor Access Control, we also provide security against common office threats like theft and property damage.

Residential Community & Security Patrol, we can protect the property in residential environments from theft and damage. Also in this field we provide Visitor Access Control to the gate or front desk for gated/private communities.

Commercial Security, is one of the biggest industries that require security services. Regardless of the type of commercial facility you’re operating BOS Security provide a solution to all of your security needs.

Security Consultation is available to other businesses and operations, because we’re experts in the field we offer a Security Needs Assessment to assess your operations for the type of security that might be needed.

Using our expertise to find and mitigate the risks for your business this Security Needs Assessment is a useful service for businesses of any size and nature.

Government Contracts make up a big part of BOS Security services, there’s no doubt that the government will only trust security to the best security services operators and BOS Security is certified to perform government level security contracts.

BOS Security proudly serves a long list of government departments with distinction and can provide quality security services to you too.

Having vast experience in private and government sectors means BOS Security has the fresh approaches and the “best of both worlds” experience to apply to each sector ensuring a more dynamic security approach and outcome.

Contact Us Now!

If you’ve got any more questions or you’re ready to engage BOS Security for your operations call us on 404-793-6965 to talk to us about the security services that we can offer you.

Click here to head directly to the Security Needs Assessment page if you’re interesting in having our expert staff look into your business security needs.



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