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The World Has Changed – Airport Security Needs To Keep Up

If you’re a regular traveller via the air you’ll recognize the security process at airports around the country, especially since 9/11 there’s been added layers of security. While this can be a nuisance for travellers running late for their flight it is a vital part of keeping people safe in the modern passenger aviation environment.

Terrorism has been a problem and concern for aviation since the 70’s when the world started to see in air hijackings and bombings, so airport security screening has been an important part of airports since then. Since 9/11 things changed drastically however, on that fateful day it took four men with simple items like box cutters to take over the plane and change history forever.

As a result, airport security is tougher than ever, and more important than ever, this extra security is the new normal and probably won’t ever go away, it’s just part of flying that passengers have come to live with.

According to The Department Of Homeland Security nearly 730 million people fly on passenger aircraft each year, with approximately 700 million pieces of luggage to be looked at, screened and checked. Airport security is a seriously big operation. Physical bag checks, metal detectors and X-Ray take up a large portion of that bag screening.

Security also works for commercial shipping and air freight too, security services need to be engaged at off-site locations where air freight is handled such as distribution centres and warehouses.

The first line of defence at the airport is boundaries, the fences and walls that channel access to the facility to specific points that can be monitored and controlled.

Then there’s the security guards, the security dogs and the metal detectors which screen your bags. As you would expect it’s important that airport security operating procedures are updated frequently to adjust to new risks as they emerge, this makes airport security a dynamic job, and a very important one in our nation’s security.

Having a presence of security at the airport is important to maintaining passenger safety and order, particularly with events at airports overseas this year you must be on guard at all times, while the TSA provides security required by law there’s always the opportunity for airports to engage in added security services in and out of the main facilities.

The more the merrier in this case as the better the security presence you have the more at ease passengers and employees will feel, BOS Security officers are also great communicators and provide a customer service that goes well above and beyond the physical security presence.

Of course one important part of the overall security of the airport is perimeter patrols around the edges of the facilities, not all security risks walk right through the main gate. The grounds need to be secured be it via patrols or CCTV or both, having somebody cut through or scale a fence and on the actual airport grounds presents a monumental security risk.

In the end it all comes down to safety for everybody, the passengers, the staff at the airports and the airlines and their crews. Having cutting edge security at the airport is something of national interest not just in America but anywhere in the world.

Terrorism can strike anywhere but because our airports are high traffic and important pieces of infrastructure in our modern society they have become an attractive target for terrorists where they can execute a terrorist attack and have a major impact on the country effected with reverberations around the whole world.

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