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When Only The Best Will Do – Security Officer Training & Management

Have you ever wondered what type individual it takes to become a security officer? You’d be quite surprised at the vastness of the skills these men and women have and in this article we’re going to cover a few of the essentials skills and talents that make a good Security Officer and we have the best.

BOS Security only hires and uses the best security officers available, at BOS we’re not just your everyday standard security service. We extend our expertise and ex-law enforcement Security Officers from the private to the government sector with distinctions across both areas.

The Training

When only the best will do a good security provider will not only seek out the trained officer but also continue that training throughout their career to further benefit the security officer, the client and of course the security service provider.

This means that the role of the security officer is always evolving, long gone are the days of just sitting in front of a panel of TV screens looking at security footage.

The modern security officer is mobile, adaptable, highly skilled in customer service and negotiation.

Because the security officer effectively becomes a part of the client’s overall image to their customers the security officer has to be trained in communication based skills like listening, negotiating and empathy.

Excellence means the best people, comprehensive learning and close management” – BOS Security Motto

It’s also the reason we’ve been providing top tier security services to businesses, people and government services of Georgia since 1993. It should come as no surprise that we only look for and hire the best security officers available to continue our legacy.

Customer Service & Security Guard Accountability

These are the areas that contribute massively towards our success and the success of our clients. Being able to communicate is critical to this business and we’re great communicators internally, between each other and of course to our clients and stakeholders.

Our security officers are also good communicators and are very well suited to dealing with the general public and visitors when they attend a client’s site or event.

Because security on the front gate is quite often the first person a visitor will encounter when entering a client’s site, it’s essential security officers have fantastic communication skills.

When it comes to accountability BOS is second to none, there’s no room for mistakes in the security business and we and all security officers should take no shortcuts in being accountable for their actions and the work they do.

Utilizing electronic security guard monitoring devices, we’re able to effectively keep our officers accountable at all times and track their efficiency in real time using an online portal. This means there’s never any doubt as to where an officer is and thus what they’re doing.

These monitoring units provide both accountability and efficiency for the client and BOS administration but also provide the officer with a panic button for emergencies and a contact list of important phone numbers for the officer’s role.

This boosts the effectiveness of the officer but most importantly the panic button is essential for safety in the event of an emergency.

If one of these monitoring units is idle for 5 minutes will alert the supervisor for investigation so there’s never going to be any BOS Security guards sleeping on your job!

The Management Team

You can’t have an effective team on the ground without the management team to look after the administrative duties that run the operation.

BOS Security management have plans for constant communication with the client, the guards and between the management team itself. This closely knit group of administrators are a very important part in the overall security delivery service.

Our managers are available 24/7 to effectively handle any questions or concerns regarding your security services.

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