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5 Qualities You Need To Become A Security Guard

Security work isn’t for everybody; you need to have certain qualities to really be effective on the job.

While the skillset required and training is essential to being a great security officer, there’s more to it than just training and a security licence. Having the right qualities makes all the difference between a standard security officer and a security officer of BOS Security standards.

These qualities apply to new recruits as much as the old guard of the security industry and most of them cross-over into the administration side of things as well.


Being equipped to properly handle any situation that comes your way is one quality you need to possess to be a successful security officer, the job can occasionally throw you a real curve ball or situation that is out of the ordinary and being diverse and prepared enough to handle that situation is a very beneficial quality to have.

Being prepared is made up of many smaller parts, the training and experience is a big part of it but also the ability to think on your feet and think outside the box a little bit.

Honesty & Integrity

At BOS Security we can’t stress this enough. Honesty and Integrity is an essential part of the BOS Security service and our security officers are expected to maintain the highest in honesty and integrity during all of their duties and dealings with both the client and general public where applicable.

Integrity involves not just personal integrity but accurate record keeping and documentation on the job, being able to track what’s happening on shift goes a long way to providing a service with integrity and transparency.

Rational Thinking

Being able to make good rational judgement calls in a sometimes difficult position is a skill that can really show how good a security officer is.

While everybody makes mistakes its always better for your security officer to make rational decisions and thus carefully considered decisions, this reduces the risk of making bad or rash decisions while under pressure.

Stay cool.

Quick Reflexes And Keen Senses

Having ex-law enforcement officers on the security team and BOS means we have security officers on side that aren’t just your ordinary security officer.

Having been plucked from the law enforcement sector we’ve got security officers with keen senses and quick reflexes. These qualities have been honed from their years on the force and their continued vigilance on the job at BOS Security. Having these qualities is a real plus for any aspiring security officer recruit.

Being able to maintain physical health and fitness is important to keeping those senses ready and reflexes up to scratch. Having that strength and fitness is important.

Leadership Skills & Team Work

This is essential for most lines of work, but like law enforcement, the security sector is about team work and leadership skills. Security officers of any rank and position need to possess the ability to lead a team, and work with a team.

Great leadership & teamwork really comes into play during an emergency or unusual situation but help out to effectively run day to day operations as well.

These leadership skills can apply to directing members of the public or staff on site when required to operate in a safe and effective manner.

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