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Planning To Fly? 7 Things That Could Get You Into Trouble

Travel by plane means different things to different people and at different times. To some it means work travel and being away from family. For others it’s a vacation or traveling overseas.

Regardless of what brings you to the airport to fly you’ll have to consider the security involved in American airports and how they impact your travel experience.

We’ve compiled a small list of things you should be mindful of at the airport to speed up your progress through security and onto your plane so that you can depart and arrive on time with a minimum of fuss from security and the TSA.

Don’t Make Jokes About National Security

Security services and the TSA will be on the look out for suspicious people and objects but they also listen to and hear what people are saying. Making jokes about a bomb or national security may not be illegal but it could lead to you being detained and questioned by the security services and possibly the Police.

Besides, jokes about our national security are never funny.

Don’t Give The Security Guys A Hard Time

Security is a very tough gig, only the best trained security service people work in and around airport facilities. Even during bag checks if you’ve been caught out trying to sneak something past customs you don’t have the right to be angry at security or the customs agency.

It was your own fault after all, don’t take out your frustrations on the local security officers, it will only add to your delay!

Don’t Forget To Check Out The TSA App

This wonderful little link above will help you judge security wait times at the airport before you even arrive, just take care to leave plenty of extra time during busy periods. The security wait times and general business in the airport can vary widely from hour to hour.

Don’t Forget To Have Your ID And Boarding Pass At Hand

This tip is extra important during the busy periods or when boarding a large or full flight. Being the person who holds up the boarding queue or creates delays because you can’t remember where in your bag you put the boarding pass is not a pleasant experience for anybody!

Don’t Bring More Than 3.4 Ounces Of Liquid

Unless you want to a delay and a security hold up, and to lose that bottle of shampoo, perfume or whatever just don’t bring it. Medications and a few other things are excepted from this rule. You’ll just have to pick up another bottle of water on the way out of the airport after you arrive.

Don’t Leave Liquids Buried Deep In Your Luggage Or Carry On

This will only cause frustration and slow you down, if security is forced to spend time digging through your bags to find a bottle of something you’ve hidden in the middle you’re only going to delay yourself further.

Don’t Choose A Bad Security Line

For business travel some large and busier airports have security check-in lines specifically for business folks who travel alone. Being stuck behind large families heading on vacation can delay you further. Keep your eyes open for signage related to speedier security lanes for single or business travellers.

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