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Thwarting Danger Through Communication – The Critical Edge

Security can of course be a dangerous business at times. We often hear about assaults and violent crime in the media regardless of where you live. It seems as though danger is always right around the corner, and in most cases that’s true.

Being as safe as possible while providing a security service is paramount, not only to provide safety and security to others but the security service must provide safety to itself also.

One major element of communication for security guards is of course the radio. The radio has been an integral part of the security industry for a long time and will continue to be long into the future.

How Technology Enhances Communication

Of course over the years the tried and tested radio has performed its duties with distinction we’re often able to supplement addition forms of communication to better counter or handle dangerous situations.

One of the most useful tools is the GPS tracker, having the ability for staff at the administration office track the location of a guard using GPS tracking is essential to knowing their whereabouts at all times.

It’s much easier to communicate with a security officer if you know where he or she is.

While cell phones are often used for communication it is the humble radio that provides faster communications with one button push to talk capability providing a speedy way to communicate and give you that edge.

Some security services may rely heavily on cell phones to communicate between guards or between guards and the administration and this isn’t the ideal situation to be in.

Push to talk functionality provides by radio communications provides an additional benefit in the form of man down or duress emergency buttons. These allow the officer to call for emergency assistance without delay.

Other Forms Of Communication For Security

The communication skills of the officers and staff make up an important part of the picture. As a security officer you need to possess a high level of communications skills. Not just to communicate with HQ or each other but also to the client and the guests or visitors at the client’s premises.

This also highlights another critical area where personal communication skills come to light, the offender. Being able to negotiate and talk to an offender might well diffuse an otherwise potentially volatile situation.

A good security guard has law enforcement experience in their arsenal and thus have negotiation and crisis management skills that serve them very well at BOS Security.

Did you know that CCTV forms part of the communication circuit? BOS Security can utilize CCTV networks to enhance communication with security guards on the ground. It’s also a fantastic way to communicate with anyone else using PA systems if available.

This gives CCTV monitoring stations the ability to call out over the PA system to guests/visitors and or potential perpetrators that they’re entering a restricted area. This could be enough to stop the security threat in its tracks.

Once people know they’re actively being watched and heard that could be enough to stop a nasty situation arising.

In Summary

In the end it’s the communication skills of the guards and the security service that really make the difference to securing your premises.

Good communication gives BOS Security the cutting edge in safe outcomes for everybody involved, that includes your staff and guests, BOS Security staff and of course potential criminals. With better communication using the latest methods in the industry BOS Security provides the best security services in Georgia.

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