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Perception Of A Security Guard – The Public View Versus The Reality

Perception Of A Security Guard – The Public View Versus The Reality

When the general public thinks about a security guard, what do they see? Some see Kevin James in Mall Cop or Ben Stiller from A Night at The Museum. The reality, of course, couldn’t be further from what you see in Hollywood. Security is a serious business not just in the US but all over the world. With international issues of security and terrorist threats filling the news headlines, it just goes to show how important security really is. Addressing the public perception issues of security guards brought on by movies like A Night at The Museum and Paul Blart: Mall Cop is an ongoing concern for the security services industry.

People Who Don’t Know Security Officers Often Underestimate Them

When you see a security officer sitting at the desk or making their rounds, you don’t see that he is using their powers of observation to note anything that may be out of place. They check that doors are locked and not propped open and emergency exits are clear. While your friendly guard appears to be engaging in pleasant chat, they are also assessing the demeanor and behavior of the person they are speaking with. Do they seem nervous in casual conversation? Do they appear to be hiding something? Professional security officers miss nothing.

Always Professional And Always Exceptional

Hollywood movies aside, the real security officers at BOS Security are professional and highly trained. Not just your everyday mall cop. Every BOS Security officer is a highly trained individual. While movies might draw the picture of a security officer as being asleep on the job in front of a network of TV screens, you can be assured that isn’t the case.

BOS Security Guards Have Strong Backgrounds

BOS Security prefers to hire officers with a background in law enforcement. You can expect to see security guards that are alert and have an eye for details. We also have an extremely thorough training program for our security officers to ensure they provide the best security to both our private sector contracts and government contracts as needed. Our officers must meet an extensive list of qualifications for security guards.

Our Officers Are Well-Trained

BOS Security officers are highly trained men and women are our country’s first responders who have a wide range of skills – from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address criminal activity. Security officers are often put in high-risk and potentially dangerous situations as they confront and detain criminals engaged in theft, gang activity and other unlawful behavior. Continuing education is essential for a security guard.

All BOS Security guards are trained in de-escalation – perhaps one of the most useful skills in preventing violence. Armed guards undergo firearms training using our TI Training Firearms Simulator System, which is a safe, cost-effective alternative to live arms training.

BOS Security officers also receive extensive in-person and online training and continuing education, including:

  • BOS Security Use of Force Policy
  • BOS Security Body-Worn Camera Policy
  • BOS Security Training Policy
  • BOS Security Uniform Dress Code Policy
  • Protection and Prevention of COVID-19 for Security Officers
  • Safety in the Workplace

The Training And Customer Service Edge

While some might think all a security officer does is guard a door or watch CCTV monitors from the comfort and safety of a security room, there’s much more to it than that. Real-world security officers work closely with local law enforcement to ensure good security outcomes for the client and the general public. Training makes a real difference to how a security guard performs; training for a diverse range of situations and environments is essential. The reality is most security guards are mobile and on their feet.

The best way for security officers to improve their public perception is through the customer service they provide, not just to direct clients but to the general public who encounter them in their day-to-day activities. The very presence of security officers on the job provides comfort to the client and guests, so having them on board is important for any reputable business or organization.

Today’s Security Guards Have More Tools Available

Innovation in security is ongoing with solar-powered surveillance trailers and pole-mounted security cameras one of the latest tools available from BOS Security. Remote security guarding is a welcome addition to security options. The highly observant, well-training guard protecting you might not even be someone you see.

A remote video security service like BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ can be a standalone solution or work in tandem with onsite security, acting as their eyes and ears as needed. The availability of internal intercoms means having the tools at hand to call for backup or law enforcement as needed helps to provide faster responses to security situations.

In Summary: You Need BOS Security!

We do hope most people hold a different view of security officers and the industry as a whole, we all love our movies and Hollywood even though they haven’t always been so kind to our public image.

If you’re ready to have Georgia’s best security service on your side, head to our Security Needs Assessment to request a no-obligation assessment of your current security situation. We will analyze your security needs and tailor a security solution for you.

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