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BOS Security Introduces New Surveillance Tactics

BOS Security Introduces New Surveillance Tactics

BOS Security is always a step ahead when it comes to the latest in protection methodologies. BOS Security has tools and tactics to protect virtually any business, from our well-trained on-site security officers to our cutting-edge remote security monitoring services. Now, we have an additional method of protecting some of the most challenging and high-value targets. BOS Security is adding a new weapon to its security arsenal – solar-powered surveillance trailers and pole-mounted security cameras. The trailer is self-powered and self-contained. They can be parked outside secured areas to assist with monitoring the site to replace or augment on-site guards. The addition of this security solution amplifies our reach, adding reliable coverage for a fraction of the cost of an additional on-site guard.

BOS Security Partners with Construction Cam 

To bring our clients mobile outdoor security solutions, BOS Security has partnered with Construction Cam.Construction Cam specializes in customized camera and light trailers that are solar-powered and completely mobile, making them perfect for construction sites and protecting outdoor assets. BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can be implemented on the trailer, leaving your property live-monitored and protected 24/7/365. 

Here are just a few applications where this option can be employed:

Tour a VirtuGuard™ mobile surveillance trailer

Construction Sites

Construction sites, for example, can be located in remote areas or have no access to power. High-value equipment that is difficult to secure is often left unattended overnight. Construction sites are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Repair or replacement can cost many thousands of dollars and cause expensive delays. Trailers can add lighting to deter intruders and cameras to detect them while providing an independent power source.

Automotive Dealers

Dealerships can have large or satellite lots that are unmanned, particularly at night. Surveillance trailers can be placed around the lots, even when there is no available power source. They can be moved as needed to prevent theft, vandalism, and other damage.

Cannabis Farms

Farms and other grow facilities are often located in remote areas and can have cannabis plants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are often targeted for theft, and their workers can be subject to violent attacks. Security trailers can be located anywhere on the property. Cameras and lights are pole-mounted, enabling more comprehensive security solutions than on-site guards with limited coverage area and line of sight.

Many businesses can benefit from this security option. It’s available 24/7/365, even where there is no power, or it’s difficult for an on-site security officer to cover. Additionally, the Mobile Surveillance Trailer can be used for Hazardous PropertiesMajor Events and Parking Lots.

Do you need to learn more about adding the latest surveillance tactics to your security plan?

Talk to the experts at BOS Security. We help you keep your property protected from trespassing, vandalism, and theft through a combination of on-site guards, VirtuGuard™ remote security monitoring services and the latest surveillance equipment. Contact us at 404-793-6965 for a security assessment.


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