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Maintaining Public Safety at Major Events

Maintaining Public Safety at Major Events

As more and more people are vaccinated for COVID-19 and the weather gets warmer, festivals, parades, and other celebrations are on the rise. As positive and exciting as these events are, wherever there are crowds, there is a need for security. When people are celebrating, they often let their guard down and can neglect basic measures that can keep them safe.


Remote Security and Public Safety

One of the best methods of maintaining public safety is through remote guarding. Remote guards can go where in-person guards cannot; cameras can be both visible as a deterrent to bad behavior or used as evidence to capture or prosecute wrong-doers. Cameras can be placed up high or even in drones to get a bird’s eye view. They are also not as intrusive as uniformed guards can be.


Events Increase In Summer

June is a popular time for events, with Juneteenth and Pride both celebrated this month. Although these celebrations have taken place for decades in the case of Pride, and over a century and a half in the case of Juneteenth, they can still draw ill will. That’s what makes security so important for participants, attendees, and the communities where they take place.


Keeping People Safe Doesn’t Stop With Avoiding Crime

Remote security monitoring can also help detect health problems common to outdoor summer events such as fainting, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Remote guards can alert first responders as well as they can law enforcement. Remote security can also be helpful to help reunite children and parents who get separated in the crowd.


Recognizing And Preventing Trouble

One of the greatest dangers to peaceful celebrations is counter-protestors with ill intent. Remote security can detect if there are people who stand out, don’t appear to fit in, or are acting suspiciously. They can observe for a while to assess threat potential or alert law enforcement so they can investigate further.


VirtuGuard™ Remote Security

One of the most critical advantages of remote video services like VirtuGuard™ is that they are helpful for prevention, intervention, and prosecution. If you have an event planned that will draw a large number of people or are concerned about the impact one taking place near you can have on your people or property, we’d love to discuss security options.


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