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No matter where your cameras are located, BOS remote security monitoring services have you covered. With VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services, security professionals will monitor your cameras from our location 24/7/365. They can issue voice warnings to encourage intruders to leave or alert law enforcement as needed.

Where is VirtuGuard™ Essential?

  • Businesses such as recycling centers with vast areas that are difficult to monitor with foot patrols.
  • Darkened areas that require infrared cameras.
  • Property that is remote or hazardous to guard.
  • Attractive nuisances such as pools which can bring children onto the property
  • Construction sites where mobile units can be deployed.



VirtuGuard™ is an interactive remote monitoring service or virtual guard service offered by BOS Security. From our Command Centers, headquartered in Athens, Georgia, VirtuGuard™ Agents have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded video from your locations through security cameras and other infrastructure installed on your property. This security infrastructure combined with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, alerts Agents in our command centers to activity/events as they occur, in near real-time. The Command Center Team then reacts accordingly to your site-specific protocols.   

Additionally, VirtuGuard™ services can replace or most certainly supplement onsite security officers by responding to AI created events or by being proactive and conducting scheduled or random virtual remote video patrols of the property and people on site.  

The price of VirtuGuard™ interactive remote monitoring services or remote guarding varies based on the needs of your business. Our security services are priced based on the number of video surveillance cameras being monitored on your property, the monthly activity level per security camera, two-way audio services, and the number of remote guard patrols scheduled.  

Learn more about the cost of remote guarding: How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost?

Interactive Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded security video from client properties through security cameras and other infrastructure installed on the property. Additionally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is applied through monitoring, alerting Virtual Security Agents to activity or events as they occur. AI decreases the number of false alarms triggered by security cameras, allowing Agents to focus on valid inappropriate behaviors. 

Remote Tours and Escorts

Clients can opt-in for scheduled or random remote tours of their properties by our virtual security guards. Similar to a foot patrol completed by an onsite Security Officer, VirtuGuard™ Agents conduct a tour of a property through onsite video surveillance cameras and infrastructure. Unlike physical security guard patrols where the Security Officers may have a visible pattern of patrol, criminals cannot observe the patterns of Virtual Security Officers. This prevents suspicious or criminal activities from slipping under the radar. 

Audio Services

We strongly recommend that our clients install two-way audio speakers throughout their properties so that VirtuGuard™ Agents can intervene with voice-down audio announcements in the case of an event. Examples of situations where voice announcements have proven to be effective include customer service events, business-related announcements, and warnings to intruders or violators. 

Video Auditing

An operational audit is an examination of the way a company conducts business. Specialized to the industry, company policies and procedures, and labor laws, an operational audit is conducted to review and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation. To avoid potential biases or overlooked issues that may arise in an in-house audit, an independent or third-party audit delivers the best results to improve your business. 

VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security offers a variety of auditing services customized for your business’s needs and concerns. The goal of an audit is to make ownership and management aware of issues within the business they may not know about and to offer a knowledge base for making improvements. Improved effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation leads to greater profitability, legal compliance, and an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction. 

VirtuGuard™ virtual security guards respond to incidents on your property in the way that best coincides with your security plan.  

First, we recommend installing two-way audio speakers on your property, from which Agents can issue greetings or warnings to guests or trespassers. Audio announcements are effective in scaring off intruders before they can act. By announcing that the intruder is being monitored and recorded or warning that they need to leave the property, Agents can avoid dispatching security officers or law enforcement when not necessary. 

Second, if you have onsite security officers monitoring your property, VirtuGuard™ Agents can communicate with them and direct them to areas of the property where an incident is in progress or has already occurred. 

Third, if there are no audio speakers or onsite security, or if the intruders persist, Command Center Agents will dispatch local law enforcement and alert your emergency contact of the incident. Our Virtual Security Guards will offer to stay on with the law enforcement dispatch and provide live updates to the Officers as they are responding so that they are fully prepared and safer in their response. 

There are advantages to a business having on-site Security Officers, but also to a property being equipped with remote video surveillance monitoring. While cameras are not a replacement for on-premises guards, interactive virtual monitoring services can be utilized virtually anywhere, mitigating the risks and obstacles that an on-site guard can face.  

With VirtuGuard™ Agents monitoring your properties from our Command Centers 24/7/365, faster response times can be expected. Physical security guards cannot be everywhere at once, leaving blind spots in your security plan; remote guarding solves this problem. Virtual Security Guards can alert onsite security to areas of concern, use two-way audio announcements to deter inappropriate activity, and dispatch local enforcement if necessary. 

Unlike physical security guard foot patrols, criminals cannot case the property and observe the patterns of Virtual Security Officers. This prevents suspicious or criminal activities from slipping under the radar. 

Additionally, remote guarding can secure hazardous properties without putting human security guards at risk. This includes high crime areas, businesses that deal with dangerous materials, confided spaces, and difficult to access locations. 

BOS Security believes the best security strategy combines both remote and on-site guarding. The quick response and direct engagement of on-premises guards combined with the mobility, versatility, and affordability of remote surveillance strengthen your property’s security plan. 

Any time a security incident occurs on a property, we will send our client point of contact a detailed report. The detailed incident reports include the date and time of the report and the incident, the site where it occurred, and Agent who drafted the report. Additionally, each report includes a detailed summary of the incident, relevant still images taken from the onsite security cameras, and the locations of the event. Finally, the contact information of the Agent taking the report, the location of the incident, the cameras utilized in the event, and how this incident was initiated. An incident can be initiated by an alarm, a manual/scheduled patrol, or another trigger. 

VirtuGuard™ also sends regular reports that go over alarms triggered and virtual patrol findings.

We recommend that all our VirtuGuard™ clients install two-way audio speakers with speech capabilities on their properties. There are a wide range of situations where audio speakers have proven to be both effective business and security tools. Our VirtuGuard™ team works with each client to create pre-approved scripts for a variety of incidents. These scripts can be delivered through a pre-recorded message or directly from a Command Center Agent in real-time. 

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents can trigger prerecorded messages to broadcast on your property, including greetings to staff, customers, or guests when they enter a business, specialty announcements of instructions, site issues, special events, or ongoing deals for customers and guests, and alerting guests that the site is being actively monitored for safety and convenience. 

Situations where a live announcement may be most effective include directing calls for assistance, warnings to trespassers or vandals that all activities are being monitored and recorded and asking them to leave the property if location is currently closed and if they don’t comply further action will be taken. 

Audio announcements are often enough to deter those with bad intentions. However, if these are not effective, Virtual Security Guards can dispatch onsite security officers or local law enforcement to address an incident on a case-by-case basis. 

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents monitor client properties and businesses by accessing live video surveillance streams and recorded video from security cameras and other infrastructure installed on the property. This security infrastructure combined with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology alerts Agents to activity/events as they occur, in near real time. Command Center Agents will then continue monitoring the incident, reacting accordingly and quickly. 

Another way that VirtuGuard™ monitors your business is through scheduled or random virtual tours. Like a foot patrol conducted by an on-site security guard, a Virtual Security Guard will take a virtual tour of the location by alternating between cameras to get a full view of the property. These can be conducted on a random or scheduled basis, and they can also be completed unannounced or announced.

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Operators must complete a detailed training program developed by BOS Security Operations Center experts. Agents watch software training videos before being given a step-by-step walkthrough of all programs used in the Command Centers. They will also complete certification training for immix, the software integration platform VirtuGuard™ uses to manage and respond to security events. Finally, they will shadow other Agents and are then shadowed themselves while they learn the system through a hands-on approach. To confirm that our Agents are still operating at the highest level, BOS Security requires Agents to participate in continuous training multiple times a year. 

The number of video surveillance cameras a Command Center Agent is watching is constantly changing. Each Virtual Agent will cycle through different client’s sites which have varying numbers of cameras. In addition to frequently switching between sites, Agents respond to live events as they occur. AI (Artificial Intelligence) on a camera triggers an automated 10-second clip when there is any activity on site. The Agent assigned to the site will then be presented with the clip of the event, to which the Agent will review and react accordingly to. 

Every customer has an Account Manager to assist them with any questions. You can also call the Command Center directly if there is an urgent question about service at your location. Additionally, each site is assigned a unique phone number for a “See Something, Say Something TIP LINE” for onsite staff and guests to call in the case of a concern.

The point of contact will vary by site and the circumstances surrounding an event. Clients can create and customize their own call tree, providing different contacts for varying levels of urgency. Agents follow predetermined protocols customized and approved by each client to handle any type of event. Depending on the incident, Agents will call onsite security officers, local law enforcement, or client contact so that they are updated in real-time with the status of their property. 

Several types of video audits exist for different industries, departments, and company concerns. Whether your concern is employee safety, reducing shrinkage, or ensuring legal compliance, VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security has you covered. 

Examples of the audits VirtuGuard™ can customize for your business include: 

  • Compliance Audits 
  • Department Audits 
  • Investigative Audits 
  • Retail Audits, which include Loss Prevention and Merchandising Audits 
  • Housing Audits, including Occupational and Rent Control Audits 
  • Safety Audits 
  • OSHA Compliance Audits and more 

Learn more about video auditing: What Is Video Auditing?

The purpose of a video audit is to objectively evaluate your business’s processes and procedures. With the data collected, VirtuGuard™ alerts ownership and management of concerns they might not have been aware of. We present you with our findings and recommendations for improvement, whether it involves employees, management, workplace safety, inconsistency with company policies and procedures, or another host of business concerns. 

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